This Week’s Buzz On The Internet – 13 August 2017

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What’s the recent buzz on parents’ radar? We look at the thought-provoking, inspirational, or funny pieces being shared on the Internet this past week.

Internet Buzz #1 – #Lovewhatmatters

Photo credit: Love What Matters

Every mum has felt that fluster that comes with wrangling kids during the groceries run. This mum of four received the best thing ever from another kind veteran – an offer of a photograph. “She asked to take a picture of me with the kids. At the grocery. Together. She told me she wishes she had photos of herself doing every day things with her kids.” 

This simple posting with a big message – remember the small things – has resonated with parents. Always allow yourself a second to breathe and remember that as a parent you’re doing the best that you can!


Internet Buzz #2 – How to prepare your Daughter for puberty


Preparing your daughter for puberty is a subject feared by many. This extremely helpful article – ‘10 things parents should do to prepare their daughters for puberty‘ – offers tips for mothers and dads who want to get their daughters informed and emotionally ready. “There’s a whole world out there waiting to teach your child things that don’t match your values,” Eva Goldfarb says. “You don’t get to abdicate that responsibility, because someone else will take it over.” 


Internet Buzz #3  – How to silence the food sanctimommies

Photo credit: Laura Stennet Photography
Photo credit: Laura Stennet Photography

Lauren Ashcraft had the perfect clapback to silence the food sanctimommies all over photos of her little boy. After a creative photoshoot featuring Liam sitting amidst a mountain of cheeseburgers and smushing a burger or two (as you do), the negative feedback came fast and furious. “As though we would actually feed an eight-month-old 20 cheeseburgers,” Ashcraft wrote“Let’s shoot Lola with organic fruits and veggies and sock it to the haters!” You’ll have to behold these adorable twins yourself. Click the link, and you’re most welcome!


Internet Buzz #4 – What An English Teacher Really Wants Children to Learn

Phote credit: StockSnap / Can Anh Khai

An English teacher reveals what he really wants children to learn during the year, and it’s not limited to one grade level and classroom. “Teaching a child to actually listen and not just wait for the other person to stop talking, is really difficult. Essentially, listening requires a foundation of empathy and a basic understanding that someone else, regardless if they know or like the person, is worthy of their time and patience.” Makchic found ourselves nodding furiously to all he had to say in The 7 Things a Teacher Really Wants Children to Learn During the Year.


Internet Buzz #5 #ipumpedhere

Photo credit: Audrey Goodson Kingo
Photo credit: Audrey Goodson Kingo

The hashtag – as Huffington Post explains – has brought together the places mums have pumped, from bathrooms to self-made makeshift private areas. The campaign Organised by Momsrising highlights the places mums turn to in the absence of lactation or nursing rooms. Presenting the eye-opening measures mums take to pump liquid gold – here are the good, the bad and the ugly. If we don’t say it enough, here’s a shout out to all the BF mums out there, you guys rock.

Compiled by Elyza Noordeen


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