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Imagine having just RM8 to your name. Beaten, strangled and trapped at home with an abusive husband. These are only two out of many devastating experiences some mothers have to endure during this global pandemic. You can read the stories they shared with makchic here and here.

As a community of mums, we wanted to do more to help the single and vulnerable mums in distress and in need. Hence, Mums4Mums was born.

Our goal was simple. We wanted to place RM300 in the hands of 100 mums. And our community of mums rallied hard.

We hosted the campaign on the sedunia platform and funds started pouring in. With the support of more than 500 sponsors, we successfully raised RM62,523 – well beyond the initial goal of RM30,000.

So, Thank You! 

In partnership with the following community leaders and NGOs, we have disbursed the funds to more than 200 single and vulnerable mums:
Photo source: (Clockwise from top left) Al-Ikhlas Hope Society, YB Maria Chin, PERMA, YB Fahmi Fadzil

In the spirit of solidarity

South East Asia’s premier grocery delivery app, Happy Fresh began their own fundraising efforts to help 3 different charities in the 3 countries they operate in.

CEO Guillem Segarra ran a half marathon from his home to raise funds (It is just one of the many creative ways you could help your community during the pandemic!)

The campaign raised USD14,424 and Mums4Mums is the lucky beneficiary of the campaign in Malaysia.

The good folks from Summer & Peach and The Last Slice also came together and donated portions of their sales to our campaign. Manja Company, a Malaysian social enterprise that makes baby diapers wanted in, and donated RM500 worth of diapers to mothers in need.

Breakdown of the disbursements

And the work continues…

With more mums to help, we have teamed up with BOBBLE.

BOBBLE is a maker of period products and uses 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and sustainable materials for both products & packaging.

Until 15 July, 25% of their pre-order sales will be paid forward to our Mums4Mums campaign.

We are immensely grateful for all the support we received!

Updated on July 30th to include further disbursements to single and vulnerable mums, through our partnership with SWAM and Puak Payong.

From our team of purposeful, multi-faceted mummies. For editorial or general enquiries, email to us at makchic@popdigital.my

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