Stressed Mummies Can Relax With These Tips

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Flipping the word “stressed” to “desserts” is an action we’d like to make happen in real life. Imagine each time we feel tense, you transform that feeling into your favourite dessert to help ease that stressed moment. How magical is that! But, we know there are other practical (and real!) methods to unwind and release stress.  So here are a few alternative yoga and therapeutic solutions to help you relax.

Getting into the fish pose

At first glance, this position may look intimidating but we assure you it is easy to get into. Firstly, lie on a comfortable mat. Place your elbows next to the body as support, allowing you to lift the chest and head off the mat. From here allow your head to “drop” back slightly so the top of the head touches the mat, as if you are exposing your neck. So that means your chest, neck and head are lifted of the mat. Keep your elbows to the side, or as an option, raise them up like in the photo. Take five deep breathes here. Once ready to release, elbows back on the mat, lift the head up and rest the back of the head on the mat. The fish pose, opens up the lungs for more oxygen intake with deep breath that will do you good. The neck position also counters all the slouching we do when breastfeed our babies or use devices and computers. Doing this once a week after helps relax the infamous ‘text neck’ and relieve pain in the back of the neck.


Reversing the namaskar

We know that our neck and shoulders have to bear the weight of our daily habits, be it hunched over the steering wheel or over the workstation to meet out deadlines. Mums also suffer from the strains of carrying or wearing their babies or kids. Joanna shows you how you can relieve that tightness in the shoulders and also help alleviate strain in the wrists. You can do this pose standing or sitting on a chair. Allow your arms to relax and bring them behind you. Holding your forearms first you allow your shoulders and chest to open. If this feels good, just remain here. If you’d like to open the shoulders more, turn the palms to face each other. Push the palms together and stay for five deep breathes. Release when you’re ready.


Full lotus on your back

Lying down positions are our favourite way to destress. That’s a no brainer! In this position, lie down comforably on your back and cross your legs like you would when you sit in sukasana position. If you’d like to get a locked position on the legs as shown here, you can bring the right foot closer to the left hip, and left foot over the right. This gets you into what we call the lotus position or padmasana. Keep your arms away from the body, with your palms facing up to rest your wrists too. Close your eyes, relax and take five deep breaths.


Yoga poses in scalar energy

I had the chance to check out a new therapy using scalar energy in a specially designed room where this energy field is created.  A scalar field is a zero-point energy field that helps counteract and remove negative impacts from electromagnetic fields to help rejuvenate the body. We know our devices, from smartphones to WiFi facilities, constantly emit EMF, which may cause some imbalances in our sleeping patterns or behaviours. I tried the scalar energy room after reading about how it encourages deep sleep. At the same time my colleagues at Fitology shared that they were able to rest better after using this therapy. This room has several devices about two feet high that emits the scalar energy.

When I was in the room I felt no discomfort and felt the frequencies from the devices.  After an hour, the therapy left me feeling refreshed and energised for my next yoga class.   Zazen Health Solutions’ Head of International Business Development and Marketing Yasotha Krishna  tells me that this technology is non-invasive, safe for all, including expecting mothers. The therapy aims to balance the body and provide deep rest we all need. Here’s a look at the space in Fitology with mother-to-be Jasmeen performing the sukasana pose.  You can perform any yoga pose in the scalar room and learn about other easy and relaxing poses here.

Susan Tam is a freelance journalist based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She has reported on current affairs for Al Jazeera English TV, Singapore Press Holdings, and The Star. Susan is also a certified yoga instructor with over a decade of yoga experience, under the Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors (MAYI). Her prenatal yoga instructor certification is qualified by Surya Yoga’s 20-hour intensive training programme. She and partner Joanna Audrey offer prenatal yoga classes at Fitology Bangsar, every Saturday at 2pm.

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