Sea Life Malaysia to debut in mid-2019

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An aquarium in Legoland might sound a little bit off-theme to some, but get ready for just that! Sea Life Malaysia is preparing to open soon in Legoland Malaysia, in Iskandar Puteri, Johor Bahru.

With 11 different habitat zones and up-close interaction, the aquarium will be inspiring children to learn about the oceans.

Preparing for the arrival of marine life

As it approaches its launch in the first half of 2019, makchic was invited to witness the filling of Sea Life Malaysia’s Ocean tank.  Holding 400,000-litres of water once filled, the Ocean tank – the largest in the aquarium – will house a replica of the historic Portuguese Wanli shipwreck. It will be entirely themed to look like you are walking through the shipwreck. Of course, there are Lego elements all spread out in the display!

Once the tanks have been filled, Sea Life aquarists will be working diligently to get the water quality and salt content ready for the arrival of marine life. This will include Blacktip reef sharks, Zebra sharks, stingrays, seahorses, jellyfish and more. All 13,000 sea creatures will be arriving in their new home by early 2019.

Sea Life Junior Rangers and marine life conservation

Part of Sea Life Malaysia’s marine conservation efforts is to recruit Junior Rangers, a team of selected young ambassadors. These children will be the voice of the marine sanctuary. Currently, 18 children from Malaysia and Singapore were selected based on the videos they submitted about their passion for marine life conservation.

Throughout their 1-year tenure, the Sea Life Junior Rangers will be participating in various marine life conservation-themed activities. This is so the children can learn more about marine life and become advocates to their peers.

We look forward to visiting Sea Life Malaysia once it launches next year. We are particularly intrigued by the intricate Lego construction of the Wanli shipwreck. It promises to be quite the sight, and we can’t wait to see it finally coming to life!

For more updates on Sea Life and Legoland, visit their official website at www.legoland.com.my and stay connected via their social media (Facebook & Twitter).

This media briefing trip was organised by Legoland Malaysia


All photos are courtesy of Legoland Malaysia.

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