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Science Says Pregnancy Brain is Real – But Here’s How to Combat it

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Pregnancy affects your body in many ways – random cravings, mood swings and nesting instinct come to mind. In addition to these changes, your brain is also busy helping you prep for the arrival of your new baby. Many women report dealing with absentmindedness and foggy thinking, a.k.a. pregnancy brain, as their pregnancies progress. A recent Canadian study suggests that “pregnancy brain” is one of the factors why women get into more road accidents when they drive while pregnant.

What Causes Pregnancy Brain?

According to WebMD, it’s 100% normal to have memory lapses or be forgetful, especially when you’re busy, stressed or short on sleep. And the fatigue that’s so common during pregnancy likely doesn’t help, either.

Pregnancy hormones also play a part in this as your brain-cell volume actually decreases in the third trimester of pregnancy. The fogginess can last up to a year after having a baby, but many new mums start to see at least some improvement once they adjust to their new lives.

How Can I Handle My Own Case of Pregnancy Brain?

  1. To-do lists or posted reminders can be of great help to remember something like an appointment or to take your prenatal vitamins.
  2. Place items you use often, such as keys and sunnies, in the same place every day to try to avoid a frantic search or forgetting them completely.
  3. Have a sense of humour. Remember, this too shall pass.
  4. Use your smartphone or laptop to organise your day/week/month. Programs such as Google Calendar lets you share your schedule with the people around you.
  5. Get some sleep! Pregnancy or not, it’s easier to keep track of it all when you feel well rested.
  6. Most importantly, don’t be hard on yourself, as stress will only cloud your brain even more.

What is the craziest pregnancy brain moment you’ve had?

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