Save Time, Space and Money by Renting from MYBabyrentals!

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Devon! By Might June

MYBabyrentals is the brainchild of three ladies whose initial aim was to give new parents the opportunity to rent a variety of baby equipment and eliminate some of the expenses and headaches.

When you become a new parent, saving money is tougher than you’d expect. You often only want the best of the best for your child, which costs a good sum of money. Fortunately, smart set-ups such as MYBabyrentals give parents the opportunity to rent a range of equipment, toys and other goods that normally cost a fortune if purchased first-hand. As your baby will outgrow of things fast, MYBabyrentals is a thrifty and easy option to use some of those things for a while, and save money for other expenses.




From cots to car seats, strollers to high chairs, MYBabyrentals provides quality products that are accessible and friendly on the wallet. Plus, wouldn’t it be easier, cheaper, even more environmentally friendly to rent what you need for exactly the period of time that you need it for?

Rental prices range between RM10 and RM150 for weekly or monthly basis. For more information on products, orders and rentals, equipment, returns and payment methods, visit their website.

Image credit: Flickr user Mighty June

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