Most Helpful Malaysian Websites For Parents

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Parenting can sometimes be overwhelming for new and old parents alike.

Some parents choose to prepare as much as they can for their children’s milestones, while some take it easy – they cross the bridge when they get there. Either way, a strong support system and reliable sources for reference are essential for parents.

Fortunately, the digital era has made parenting support and references easily accessible for all. Here is a handy list of our favourite and helpful Malaysian parenting sites:



Sensory play is one of the important elements of a child’s early learning process. Littlest Hands offers classes and workshops for a fun sensory play, as well as ideas and inspirations for parents to create their own sensory play session at home. The messier the playtime, the more fun it is!



Parenting Times is a one-stop centre for information on educational enrichment programs, events and useful resources to help with your child’s school activities.



When it comes to early learning, there are different school of thoughts worth exploring. Dr. Afzan Maria is an expert and advocate of play-based learning, where young children learn through play in a structured and organised learning environment.



Do you have a burning question or need support for your breastfeeding journey? The Breastfeeding Advocates Network FB group, also known as TBAN, is one of the favourite places for mothers to get tips, information and moral support.


Some of us face challenges in our parenting journey, including the journey of conceiving a child of our own. This group is the place for TTC parents of Malaysia, where a group of parents-to-be and couples find comfort and support in their TTC journey.



Parenting is Heart Work is an FB page where parents share their experiences and the ups and downs of parenting. It is probably the best place to get virtual hugs from fellow parents once in a while.



This FB group is run by supportive mothers and experts who offer advice, support and references for a healthier and natural pregnancy and labour. The community shares tips, advice, events, expert advice and moral support for pregnant mothers who often have a myriad of concerns during pregnancy and labour.




This FB group is the biggest bento-making group in Malaysia. Their members inspire each other with wonderful cooking and bento ideas for parents who love to prepare healthy food for their children and family.


This group is run by the IBU Family, a non-profit organisation which aims to provide information about anything related to parenting. They also bring together a community of parents through volunteering programs, support groups, free clinics and seminars.

Running out of wholesome meal ideas to cook for the children? Join this FB group and learn wonderful recipes from fellow mothers. Everyone in this group shares their recipes and resources to cook delicious, healthy homemade meals.



Sometimes we don’t need to splurge on baby items when there are plenty of preloved items out there for the taking. This group is where parents sell and buy preloved baby goods ranging from toys, breast pumps, strollers to kids clothing. You’ll probably easily find what you are looking for over here.



This site is run by the Malaysian Paediatric Association, and offers expert advice and guidance by healthcare professionals. Their aim is to provide unbiased, accurate and practical information to help parents make the best decisions for their children.



This brilliant FB page is the page to go to when you need to find support and services regarding parenting. This is where stay-at-home-mums are able to offer their skills and services for a side income. Working mums can also find help when it comes to taking care of their children. It’s a healthy and supportive community where mothers support each other.


By Ayuni Ayatillah

Ayuni is a mum of two bubbly bubs, a freelance writer and a stationery hoarder. When not writing, she’s busy running the household, daydreaming about travelling the world or playing with her fancy colourful pens.


Photo credits: Littlest Hands, Parenting Times, Dr Afzan Maria, TBAN, Parenting is Heart Work, The Gentle Birthing Group Malaysia, Kelab Bento Malaysia, Ibu Family Resource Group, Preloved Baby Goods, Positive Parenting, JOBS for Caring Moms.

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