#MakchicAndMe Mother’s Day 2022 Contest Winners

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Thank you to everyone who shared with us your ‘mum brain’ moments. The makchic team had a good laugh reading all your epic entries. We could totally relate!

We are pleased to announce the three winning mothers and their entries are as follows:

  • Nadia Junazli

“My most memorable ‘mum brain’ moment was when my eldest son was a toddler. I placed him on the bed and there was a pen with a cover, which he picked up. After a few seconds, the cover was missing, and suddenly, he had a slight cough! The first thing on my mind was, “Did he just swallow the cover?” So, I panicked and without thinking thoroughly, I drove to the nearest hospital. After doing an X-ray, I was informed that there was no pen cover anywhere inside his body.

When the doctor asked me again if I was sure (glancing awkwardly at his nurses as he did so)- it hit me. Maybe the pen cover rolled under the bed! I apologised to the doctor, paid the bills, and rushed back home.

Sure enough, the pen cover was nicely lying under the bed. So, there you go – my ‘mum brain’ has cost me money and embarrassment. I never went to the same hospital ever again.”

  • Emily Moey

“There was a time, when my firstborn was 2-months-old, that he started crying in the middle of the night and I gave him his pacifier in the dark.

That didn’t stop him from crying, however. As a first-time mum, all these bad thoughts started flooding my brain – from mysterious forces, to suspecting that my baby was sick – and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him [despite] following the “SOPs” as a new parent by feeding him and changing his diapers before bed time.

About 10 minutes later, I realised I was sticking his pacifier in his ear, instead of his mouth! I was in tears with laughter and amazed at my [overactive] imagination over that [dramatic] 10 minute interval!”

  • Ruth Muthu

“I remember the time my mum made us Peanut Butter and Jam sandwiches for school early in the morning and she used to put it on a plate (as usual). Poor mum was having a mum brain moment, and on the way to school, she asked my sister and I if we had eaten.

We had a “wait, what, where’s the bread?” moment. Luckily, we were just few meters away from my house when we stopped to discover that the plate with sandwiches was on the top of our car – the one we were driving in! 😂

Thankfully, no sandwiches were hurt.”

(Note: Entries have been edited for clarity)

Congratulations to all the winners!

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