Hot off the Press: ‘Babywearing Made Simple’ by Adriana Thani

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If you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘babywearing’, you need to keep reading. Defined as the practice of carrying or “wearing” a baby with a soft carrier, mothers swear by it. They find that babies who are “worn” tend to sleep better, cry less and are calmer. Not to mention having both your hands free to do your daily chores is an added bonus.

With less tears and more sleep (for the child and mother), it’s clear to see why there is a whole movement behind the art of babywearing. Adriana Thani, a co-founder of Malaysian Babywearers, recently wrote a book on her advocacy for babywearing. Babywearing Made Simple is a step-by-step guide to babywearing for new parents or new babywearers. The book provides detailed descriptions of different types of carriers, illustrated instructions as well as tips and tricks on how to pull it off with style.

Adriana had her first child in the U.S. back in 2007 and was having a difficult time as her newborn was a “very restless baby”. Considering babywearing is a common practice in our South East Asian culture, Adriana learned the technique in the U.S. and was surprised to find the trend was not being practiced here when she returned in 2008. Hence, she and a group of friends co-founded Malaysian Baby Wearers to raise awareness and to give mums an alternative to raising their babies.

“The book is culmination of my experience as a mother and an advocate for babywearing. I hope this book will eventually play some part in the further growth of the babywearing community and become a tool for babywearing advocacy in Malaysia,” she writes. “More importantly, I hope it can give you, dear reader, the ability to safely, comfortably and confidently keep your baby close enough to kiss!”

Babywearing Made Simple is published by MPH Group Publishing and is the first book in the MPH Parenting Series. It is available at all major bookstores at RM35.90 per copy.

For more information, visit Adriana’s website or ‘like’ the Malaysian Babywearers Facebook page.

By Stephanie Boey

Image credit: Courtesy of MPH Group Publishing

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