The Hands-On Father Quiz

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Do you take pride in your role as a father? Do you think you are extremely present in your child or children’s lives? Do you get as down and dirty as your partner with parenting duties? We at makchic love hands-on fathers who think there is nothing more manly than being all-in for your kids, so we have designed this quiz with feedback from wives’ whose husbands do it all. Take this quiz to see exactly how much of a hands-on father you are!


The Hands-on Father Quiz


1. Diaper duties: Have you or do you change your baby’s diapers regularly?
A) Yes, I have – maybe once or twice a week.
B) My partner and I share diaper duties equally every day.
C) I haven’t needed to change my baby’s diapers.
D) I do it sometimes on holidays.


2. Baby feeding: I have been involved with helping my partner in her breastfeeding or formula-feeding journey.
A) I have not really supported my partner in her breastfeeding or bottle-feeding journey.
B) I have encouraged her, or helped sterilise bottles/breastfeeding equipment.
C) I have helped with sterilisation, prepared milk, and bottle fed my baby.
D) I have done all the above, and even helped with night feeds!


3. The gross stuff: Getting down and dirty
A) I have had to clean up baby vomit.
B) I have had to clean up baby vomit and pee.
C) I have had to clean up baby vomit, pee and poo.
D) I have not had to deal with any of the above.


The Hands-on Father Quiz


4. Nutrition: Thinking about baby’s eating and health
A) I don’t really get involved with the feeding of my baby/children.
B) I have prepared a meal or two especially for my baby.
C) I regularly prepare meals (2 or 3 times a week) for my baby and partner.
D) I have regularly prepared meals, source healthy food specially for my baby, and even grown produce for my baby and partner.


5. Bedtime routine with baby
A) I sometimes participate in my baby or kids’ bedtime routine.
B) I bathe and feed my baby quite regularly.
C) I share bathing, feeding and bedtime-book duties with my partner on most days.
D) I bathe, feed and read books to my baby regularly by myself.


The Hands-on Father Quiz


6. Activities with baby

A) I play with my baby, but I often resort to iPads or the television to entertain her/him.
B) I read to or play with my baby quite regularly without the use of screen time, usually with mommy around.
C) I have organised specific playdates for my baby or children. (Not with mommy’s help!)
D) I read to, play with, and organise playdates for my baby/children, and have taken baby out on my own to baby/toddler/children’s activities.


7. Baby/toddler sleeping
A) I can put baby/toddler to bed at night with some help.
B) I can put baby/toddler to bed at night by myself.
C) I can put baby/toddler to bed at night by myself and comfort him/her back to sleep if he/she wakes up at night.
D) I can do all the above, and put baby down for daytime naps by myself.


The Hands-on Father Quiz


8. My baby’s/toddler’s favourite things
(Score 5 points for every one – check answers with partner)

  • I can name 3 of my baby’s/toddler’s favourite story or cartoon characters.
  • I know my baby’s/toddler’s current favourite toys and books.
  • I can sing at least three of my baby’s/toddler’s favourite songs or nursery rhymes.
  • I know what my baby currently loves to eat or drink.


9. Caring for my baby (Score 5 points for every one)

  • I have burped/winded my baby.
  • I have given my child baby massage.
  • I have cut my baby’s nails or hair.
  • I have actively sought to take parenting or baby/child first aid classes.


10. During emergencies or illnesses (Score 5 points for every one)

  • I have taken my baby and partner in to the clinic or hospital for medical emergencies.
  • I have fed my baby/toddler medicine.
  • I have taken turns with my partner to take our baby’s temperature every few hours when he/she has a fever.
  • I have taken turns staying overnight at the hospital to care for a sick baby.


11. Solo parenting
A) I have taken care of my baby myself for a few hours or a day, with some help.
B) I have taken care of my baby myself (without any help) for a few hours.
C) I have taken care of my baby myself (without any help) for a full day.
D) I have taken care of my baby myself (without any help) for a few days and nights and/or more.
The Hands-on Father Quiz


BONUS POINTS: Helping mommy, looking after mommy
Add points for each one you have done.

• You often ask (aka delegate duties to) your mom or your partner’s mom to help your partner out on days she has needed extra help. (Add 0 points)
• You clear toys up and clean the dishes and house regularly, aka you are not another baby for mommy to look after! (Add 5 points)
• You cook often for the family. (Add 15 points)
• You have been actively involved in organising your baby/child’s birthday parties or celebrations. (Add 20 points)
• You have encouraged your partner to have treats or breaks away from baby while you shoulder parenting duties. (Add 25 points)


Tally Up Your Points:

  1. A:10  B:20  C:0  D:5
  2. A:0   B:5    C:15   D:25
  3. A:10  B:15  C:20  D:0
  4. A:0   B:10   C:20 D:25
  5. A:10  B:15  C:20  D:25
  6. A:5    B:10   C:15  D:25
  7. A:5   B:10   C:15   D:25
  8. Score 5 points for each correct answer
  9. Score 5 points for each correct answer
  10. Score 5 points for each correct answer
  11. A:5   B:10   C:15   D:25



0 – 60: Hands-off
Hey dad, mom definitely needs more help from you, pretty please. Looking after a baby is too hard to do alone. Have a chat with her to see how you can help more, whether physically or emotionally.
60 – 90: A hand here and there
You are trying, but there is so much more you can do to parent your child. Step-up your fatherhood skills by getting more involved.

90 – 170: Get in there, daddy!
You like getting involved with your baby, and take pride in your role. Challenge yourself by taking on more duties and take the initiative when it comes to helping or supporting your partner.

170 – 250: Well done, wonder dad.
You clearly take fatherhood seriously. You take it as a badge of honour that you can do a lot for your baby, and can look after your own child without much help. You are doing amazing.

250 – 300: Truly Inspiring
You are truly an A-Star Hands-on Father, an inspiration to us all. You believe in equal parenting duties, and your partner and child are very lucky to have you. We salute your all-in dedication and commitment to your family.

300 and above: GOOD HEAVENS.
If you aren’t a stay-at-home-father, you are one of those legends people refer to when they talk about role model dads. If you could have breastfed your baby, you would have. Please get in touch with us immediately!


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