Adeline Chong: Founder of Snackfood & Mother of Jade

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Juggling between managing Snackfood, the store which brings you the best “collection of happy things”, consulting as a Brand Strategist and taking care of her daughter Jade who turns 2 next month, Adeline Chong is really “pushing herself to the max” this year. Luckily, we managed to squeeze in a few minutes while we were in Bangsar to learn how this mom handles her “three babies”. 

1. Being such a creative individual who also has a background in the creative industry (Adeline used to work in advertising), how did you break the news to everybody that you were pregnant?

I only introduced my baby when she was two months old. I’m actually a very private person so I did’t make a public announcement when I was pregnant.

2. Did you have any weird food cravings while you were pregnant?

Roti canai. And I never liked roti canai.

3. How did you stay fit while you were pregnant?

I didn’t do any exercise but I did swim a little bit. But it wasn’t technically swimming since I was just sitting in the water [laughs]. Because it was so hot! And I felt hot constantly while I was pregnant, I was sweating all the time! And I was big!


4. What was the one thing about pregnancy that surprised you?

That I’m stronger than I think I am, physically and mentally. I believe motherhood is a validation of what strong really means.

5. You had Jade via Caesarean. Tell us about your experience.

Jade didn’t “turn” at 39 weeks so we had to deliver her by doing a C-section but it was well, it was good! Healthy baby, 3.39kg!

6. How did you feel post-op?

Woah, painful man. I couldn’t bend, I couldn’t laugh. I couldn’t even put on my clothes properly! I was like this for 3 weeks and on painkillers.


7. Did you breastfeed?

Yes, all the way until she was 7 months. Breastfeeding is a mental game and is a test of how strong you are, because you have to feed round the clock and there’s the pressure of producing milk. Breastfeeding really is a state of mind.

8. Do you bring baby Jade to work at Snackfood?

Yes, not often… but when she is here, she’s quite comfortable and natural in her environment. It’s probably because when I was carrying her, I had a lot of meetings at the store so she knows.


9. Jade is really photogenic. Are you thinking of sending her to castings?

I’m preparing her to but a lot of people don’t agree. But personally, I want her to experience it and I would like to experience it myself, and I want her to know that being hardworking is important and she can start working if she wants to.

10. How do you manage to juggle being a mother, managing Snackfood?

A good sense of control of the mind. But honestly, I just take the time to do things properly. If I need 10 mins to write an Instagram caption, I will take those 10 minutes.

11. What is your guilty pleasure?


Image credit: Courtesy of Adeline Chong.