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8 Fertility Myths and Facts You Need To Know

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A couple weeks ago, we were invited to Sunway Medical’s new fertility centre and we were lucky enough to get a grand tour of the facility. If you’re thinking of falling pregnant again and ready for bambino number 2 (or 3 or 4!), here are some things you need to learn (and unlearn) about fertility.


Food affects fertility
Put down that glass of soya bean if you’re thinking it will help you get pregnant. Scientific evidence says otherwise.

Smoking is okay as long as you quit after you’re pregnant
With time, smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke reduces your chances. So now’s the time to quit!

A little bit of drugs won’t hurt
Heavy drugs like opiates suppress the reproductive cycle. Even marijuana is capable of affecting your menstrual cycle.

Prescription drugs are okay
Some antidepressants interfere with ovulation and even certain anti-nausea meds alter prolactin levels. Always check with your doctor if having a baby is on your mind.


Age matters
Perhaps the number ONE variable that affects fertility. The older you get, the less eggs you have in the fertility bank.

Poor nutrition lowers the odds
Being too thin or too heavy affects your chances. Go against the odds by maintaining a balanced diet and complementing it with regular exercise.

Stress reduces fertility
Stress has a widespread adverse effect to your body, which in turn could affect your reproductive cycle. If work’s got you stressed, book a spa retreat! Your unborn baby’s life depends on it.

A little bit of both

Alcohol boosts your chance of pregnancy
This may be true only because people are having more sex when they’re drinking. However, excessive alcohol consumption has been shown to decrease fertility in women. Moderation is key, ladies.

Do you know any more fertility facts and myths? Share ’em with us!

For more information on Sunway Medical Centre’s Fertility Centre, visit their Facebook page.

Image Credit: fivmadrid.es.