7 Weird Toddler Habits That Are Completely Normal

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Toddlers are a weird bunch. They say and do the strangest things. If you’re at your wit’s end with their funny and weird toddler habits, here’s a list of the most common toddler behaviours and why do they it. Important note: Once upon a time, you were probably guilty of at least one of these things too.

Wanting to read/watch the same book/movie over and over again
We all have our own preferences and so does your toddler, and he/she is starting to vocalise them. But more importantly, the repetition gives them a sense of comfort. Being able to understand and say all the words as well as know what’s going to happen next helps them “understand that the world has order and have some control over it”, explains child psychologist Mary Borowka.

Stripping down to their birthday suits
Ignorance is bliss and modesty is still a complex concept to them. They are unable to differentiate public and private behaviour. They may also do this to assert dominance and to seize control. Just because you love that cute little onesie doesn’t mean he/she loves it too… and is going to stay in it.

Digging their noses like they’re looking for gold
Kids are curious and to them, the nostril is a fascinating hole to explore. Either that or their allergies are acting up and they feel like “something’s up there”, hence, trying to get whatever it is out so they can stop being uncomfortable.

Having friends that don’t exist
Children at this age are at their most imaginative and creative stage, anything is possible, and imaginary friends are a testament to that. Cooking up a whole new person exhibits a young creative mind and very bright kids often have at least one fictitious friend.

Getting touchy feely with themselves
Toddlers understand that eyes are for seeing, hands are for grabbing, feet are for walking, and the nose for smelling so they’re probably wondering “So what does this body part do?”. They’re exploring their bodies, which is totally normal. As they get older, they’ll begin to understand its functions and learn that grabbing themselves isn’t appropriate public behaviour.

Head banging like they’re at a metal concert
Surprisingly, toddlers find this rhythmic movement comforting. It works as a soothing mechanism or to show their frustration. Healthy toddlers never head-bang in order to hurt themselves.

Ignoring the present and playing with the box
Don’t be offended that they choose to play with the box rather than the really cool, really fun, really expensive toy that came in it. The concept of money is peanuts to them and this box has a long list of endless possibilities. It can be be a car, a spaceship, a house or anything they set their minds to.

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[Article originally posted on Oct 8th, 2015]