4 Naughty and Nice Christmas Treats to Make This Holiday

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It’s that time of year to bake have fun and get creative in the kitchen with your kids! Leave the heavy stand mixers alone – just whip out some spatulas, bowls, a saucepan and we’re on our way to injecting some holiday spirit, with minimal washing up and maximum delish alert.

Here are some simple, but Christmas-worthy recipes to kick off the holiday season:

1. Nutella Hot Chocolate

Let’s start with a nice hot cup of Hot Chocolate…but not just any hot chocolate, a Nutella Hot Chocolate topped with mini marshmallows and colourful sprinkles. My kids loved this and I must say it was a very decadent treat. Why not make it as a sweet surprise on Christmas morning, as you sit around the tree unwrapping presents, or better yet, just make it for fun! 

I got my mini marshmallows from Village Grocer. The cocoa powder (not pictured) can be omitted but is highly recommended for a stronger chocolate flavour.

Check out the recipe here:

2. Reindeer Oreos

As I was researching no-bake desserts, an image of a chocolate-covered Oreo cookie made to look like a reindeer popped up on Google. As it stared at me with those cute candy eyes and red buttoned M&M nose, I knew I had to make them.

If you’re looking for a fun treat to make with your kids – this is it. It’s relatively fuss free, with no baking involved and minimal supervision sought. Grab some Oreos and M&Ms (you will only need the red ones), mini pretzels (which I got from Village Grocer) and some candy eyes, which you can get from baking shops around here (or order them online, like I did).
Read the full recipe here:

3. Cornflake Crunchies

Finally, we have a simple crunchy treat you can whip up, which requires absolutely zero baking skills (but can still earn you some points from the kiddos). By coating some cornflakes in a blend of honey and butter, then topping this with cherries before baking the same, this tasty treat will go down well during your next Christmas party! 

Remember to use good quality honey, and you may vary your topping by using sesame seeds or colourful sprinkles. Also, we prefer using mini cupcake liners as they are easy to pop into your mouth. You don’t need a mini muffin pan, simply arrange them on a baking tray and bake. You can get mini muffin liners from most Mr DIY outlets.

Recipe below:

4. Gingerbread House Kit

A gingerbread house assembled using a DIY Kit by the writer and her two kids, back in 2020.

Another good option to keep up with the Christmas vibes, is to order a DIY Gingerbread House Kit, or DIY Gingerbread Cookie Kit. In the former, you will find pre-made gingerbread shapes made to resemble a home once assembled, pre-made icing of different colours, as well as candy. The fun starts as you use the royal icing to ‘build’ the house. Once set, just decorate it in the prettiest way you can, and then watch as your kids devour the house you patiently helped them to put together, while putting your life on hold.

You can get your kits here:

a) The Gingerbread Project by Liv & Mum

  • Deck the House (RM110) – comprising 6 Gingerbread House pieces, 6 Gingerbread cookies,3 Christmas icing packets, 2 bottles of Christmas sprinkles and a cup of mini marshmallows.
  • Deck the Cookies (RM75) – comprising16 Gingerbread Cookies, 3 Christmas icing packets, 2 bottles of Christmas sprinkles and 1 cup of mini marshmallows.

[*Place your orders here by 10th December 2022]

b) Kotori Home Bakery

  • 10 pieces Gingerbread House Set Cookies, 4 Christmas Deco, Christmas Sprinkles, 3 Colour Icing packets, 1 x 9 inch cake board (RM128). 

[*Orders to be placed via Instagram by 12 December 2022]

c) Vilka-Designer Baked Goods

  • Gingerbread Cookies and House Kits – Set A (RM25): Family- mum, dad, boy and girl; Set B (RM25): Santa’s crew- Santa, Mrs Santa, elf girl and boy; Set C (RM25): 5x Classic Gingerbread men; Set D (RM25): Gingerbread man, Gingerbread girl, Gingerbread man with hat and 2 presents; Set E (RM60): 3D Gingerbread house kit with 3 Gingerbread men.
  • DIY kits come with: coloured classic royal icing (random colours with skin tones for Set A and B), assorted sprinkles and basic instructions.
  • Collection dates are from 17th to 18th December 2022 and 24th December 2022 at Section 16, PJ.
  • Orders close on 10th December 2022 and 17th December 2022 for their respective collection dates. Do contact Vilka-Designer Baked Goods directly at their Instagram page.

We ho-ho-hope you embrace the Christmas feels by trying out some homemade treats with your kids, or putting together a Gingerbread House using a DIY Kit. Till then, a very Merry Christmas and to many more creative adventures in your kitchen!

By Hemala Devaraj

Hema loves spending time in the kitchen trying out new recipes. She also shares simple and easy recipes which have worked for her at her website, The Sudden Cook. Together with her hubby, she is parenting twins and living in beautiful chaos every day.

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