14 Unique Ramadan Gifts and Hampers for Your Loved Ones in 2022

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Ramadan is just around the corner; a time of fasting, reflection, and spiritual growth. It is also a time of giving and sharing. Though gift-giving is not compulsory during Ramadan, it is a lovely way to strengthen friendships and family bonds through kindness and generosity. Here is a list of thoughtful gifting suggestions for your own abode, or to bless your loved ones!

1. Sejadah Valley modern printed prayer mat

Made from premium fabrics that are soft, lightweight, and easy to fold, this prayer mat is practical and stylish. It makes a great gift, as it comes with a travel pouch that can be used as a cosmetic pouch to store belongings and loose items, such as glasses, keys, or mobile phones during prayer.

Price: RM139

2. Ramadan Flip Book, ‘A Sky Full of Lights’ by Tiny Type x Fabbguds

Designed especially for Muslim parents, this book by Tiny Type and Fabbguds aims to help parents teach their children the significance of Ramadan and other important Islamic values through stories like ‘Angels and Jinns’ and ‘Four Quls’. Children will also get to enjoy doing hands-on activities using the stickers included. Make the holy month a sweet one for your family this year, as you bond over this special book.

Price: RM159

3. Dusun ‘Rainbow Juice’ Care Box 

Keep your body well-nourished and feel energised throughout the day with some fresh fruits and cold-pressed juices from Dusun at sahur (the pre-dawn meal during the fasting month), or opt to bring a box or two to share during a family berbuka puasa (breaking of fast) gathering. 

Price: Small box (RM92) and Large box (RM155)

4. Sadaqah House by Fabbguds

Inspire your household to save and practice benevolence during the holy month, with this wonderful product created by Fabbguds. The solid pine wood ‘house’ comes with a detachable transparent acrylic back and ‘windows’ that allow you to see your savings ‘grow’  – a great way to encourage the kids to start saving more!

Price: RM169

5. Baaji’s Gourmet Sweets and Delicacies 

Made fresh with the finest ingredients, Baaji’s assorted honey baklavas and gourmet sweets make the perfect sweet endings to break fast with. They also carry an array of premium dates, stuffed dates, and chocolate dates that will send any buah kurma connoisseur in a tizzy! Create your custom gift box, or check out their gift hamper range starting from 16th March 2022 onwards at their Bangsar Shopping Centre and IOI City Mall Putrajaya outlets. 

[*Pricing of products depends on selection and packaging]

6. Amazin’ Graze ‘Build Your Own Breakfast’ Bundle

Having healthier options for sahur is a big win for sure! You can do it with Amazin’ Graze’s delicious Ramadan offerings. Start off with oatmeal as your base from their ‘Goodness In A Bowl’ range, followed by your choice of peanut butter or nut butters, before topping it up with your favourite halal-certified Amazin’ Graze granola. They also have variety packs available, so why not send a few packs to your besties, colleagues, or share them with neighbours this Ramadan season? 

Price: Starting from RM45.90 to RM147.05 

7. Turkish Delights by Ayanka Delights

Send some sweetness over in the form of Turkish Delights (otherwise known as lokum), and other desserts such as halvas, dragees and baklavas that look almost too pretty to eat! Orders come in an elegant box, and you can pick and mix. Home delivery is available for customers in the Klang Valley and postage within East and West Malaysia is available upon request.

[*Pricing of products depends on selection and location for delivery] 

8. Islamic Wall decor by Sezan

Instead of gifting food items or hampers, how about one-of-a-kind and meaningful prints for the home? The application of modern calligraphy and attractive colour palettes used for these wall art prints will enhance a space and serve as a beautiful daily reminder about the steadfastness of Islam in the household. 

Price: Upon request – kindly contact the seller for pricing and details

9. Signature ‘Rosie’ Kuih Jala

Who knew kuih jala could look très chic? The bright and pastel hues of this kuih jala pop beautifully, meticulously folded by the skillful chefs of Jala Je T’aime into presentable little rosettes (complete with leaf detailing) for a perfect gift. You can choose to have your order accompanied by curry in a gift set, or without. A treat for the eyes and tummy indeed!

Price: Signature ‘Rosie’ Jala with curry (RM16), Gift Set ‘Rosie’ Jala with curry (RM24), 49 pieces ‘Rosie’ Jala with curry (RM60), Unicorn Jala (RM15)

10. ‘Travel Sejadah’ prayer mats

Perfect for those who are always on-the-go, and prefer the use of their own prayer mats. Waterproof, odour-resistant, lightweight, and available in an array of designs and colours – what’s not to love? Customisation is possible, with the prayer mats made available in the following sizes: kids, regular and big.

Price range: RM62 to RM75, depending on the selected size and design (customisation)

11. ‘Dua Dates’ Premium Dates 

Adding dates to your daily life has numerous benefits for your body and well-being. Dates are rich in fibre, nutritious, high in disease fighting-antioxidants, and promote good gut health. Kick things off this Ramadan with a wide selection of premium dates available from Dua Dates. From soft sukkary rutob dates to chewy mabroom dates, they stock it all (even in carton sizes for a truly sweet treat!). 

Price: Starts from RM11 for 250g pouches

12. Nyonya Lab Kuih-Muih 

Nyonya Lab has just released a phenomenal seasonal set, comprising over 15 classic favourite kuih-muih. From an array of angku kuih, to crowd-favourites such as rose sago, seri muka, and bingka ubi, this set will certainly be the star of any gathering. Attending any buka puasa events (followed by SOP and good hygiene practice, of course)? Bring a set as the perfect buah tangan for your happy host! This seasonal set is limited to 50 orders this year, so place your orders soon to avoid disappointment.

Price: Riang Ria Raya Bundle Set (RM109)

13. Ben and Chinta Ramadan Gift Set

Here is a gift filled with more than just goodies to share, as you break fast. Ben and Chinta has just released a gift set which has some helpful tips and goals to attain during Ramadan, such as being charitable, reading the tafsir of surah al-qadr to understand more about lailatul- qadr, following the sunnah, having enough rest during fasting, and preparing a short du’a list. Beneath the box’s five delicious treats – consisting of kurma ajwa, baklavas, mixed nuts, dried apricots and soft dried figs – lies scriptures from the Al-Quran, making this a truly meaningful gift indeed!

Price: RM135 per box

14. ‘Aafiya’ Gift Set by Brown and Sugar Concept

No stranger to creating some of Malaysia’s most beautiful desserts and edible gifts since 2016, Brown and Sugar Concept have worked their magic to produce charming gift sets this Ramadan. Meet ‘Aafiya’, a tasteful gift box filled with five ‘Salam Lebaran’ money pockets, a greeting/wish card (available upon request), one box of Miller’s Damsel Wheat Wafers, three cubes of Kucaté (rose and chrysanthemum flavours), and two pieces of locally-made and handmade rattan coasters, surrounding four stunning pieces of their hand-painted chocolate pralines, in an exclusive gold-rimmed clear glass box.

Pre-orders can be placed from 21st March 2022 onward here.


By Amanda Sura 

Amanda is a freelance writer, aspiring businesswoman, and mother of two. She’s a proud Sarawakian who hails from Kuching. Apart from writing, she loves mixing natural body scrubs and foot soaks with her business partner for their small business, Suravont.

We wish all our #makchicmumtribe and their families a blessed Ramadan, and a time of deep joy and personal reflection.

Photos are taken from the respective businesses’ websites and Instagram pages. For more details and prices, please contact the online stores and official social media pages.



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