12 Nurseries Inspired by Classic Kids Books

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There’s more to a nursery than filling the room with plushies and babyproofing the area. Don’t settle for the standard boy blue or girl pink nursery decorations; experiment and paint your walls in bright colour or keep it classy with vintage wallpaper. With a plethora of childrens’ books to draw inspiration from, the sky is the limit. Here’s our top 12 pick of nurseries inspired by classic kids books.

1. Dr. Seuss


Bring Dr Seuss’ imaginative stories to life with bright colours and wall paintings. Turn your child’s nursery into a haven for his iconic characters like the Cat in the Hat, the Lorax and even the Grimm, to instil a sense of wonder and encourage your child’s imagination to grow.

2. Peter Pan: Neverland


Peter Pan is a classic children’s story about a boy who never wants to grow up and is always looking for adventure. Bring Neverland to your home with display pieces such as a wooden ship, an antique clock, a treasure chest and ship’s steering wheel. Stick a silhouette of Peter Pan’s shadow on the wall for a final touch. This nursery theme is is gender neutral and most of the furniture and decorations can be reused once your child outgrows his nursery.

3. Peter Pan: Darlings’ Nursery


Before Peter Pan and his shadow stepped into and almost destroyed the Darlings’ nursery in 19th century London, the nursery was beautiful, quaint and delightfully nostalgic. Floral vintage wallpaper is a quintessential for this theme, along with flowing white translucent drapes and soft cushions. In this era of plastic and alloys, a handcrafted metal crib might be a difficult piece to find, but it’s worth the effort.

4. Paddington Bear


Aside from the Darlings, the Paddington Bear is as British as a children’s story gets. Play around with the classic colours of the adorable furry bear: red, blue and yellow. Go with a vintage Paddington Bear motif wallpaper, denim blue sofas and classic red bus toys.

5. The Jungle Book


Bring the jungle into your home with this ‘Jungle Book’ theme. This is a good opportunity to invest in animal plush toys and a lot of wooden furniture. This is another gender-neutral option where the items can be reused once your child outgrows the nursery.

6. Peter Rabbit


Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit is a classic 1900s story that has stood the test of time, and so it comes as no surprise that a Peter Rabbit-themed nursery would be timeless. Adorn the walls with whimsical drawings from the books, use soft lights and opt for a simple blue and white wallpaper to capture the essence of the story.

7. Alice in Wonderland


Alice in Wonderland is a goldmine for creative ideas to brighten up your nursery. Wonderland characters such as the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat are vivid and colourful. However, as Alice is from the 19th century, the story does incorporate elegant and Victorian elements as well.

8. Winnie The Pooh: 100 Aker Wood


Take your child to 100 Aker Wood to visit Winnie the Pooh and company. A large map of 100 Aker Wood can be the centrepiece and mix the muted colours of green, red and yellow. Don’t forget to buy all the huggable bears to fill the room!

9. Mother Goose


‘Humpty Dumpty’, ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ and other classic rhymes are all part of ‘The Mother Goose’ tales and have been entertaining children for generations. Use soft colours like baby blue, light pink and creamy white to complement the stories. Infuse the line drawings on to your wooden furniture for a final touch.

10. The Little Prince


Le Petit Prince has inspired many and even has musical adaptations, and so is a good reason to be the inspiration for your newborn’s nursery. The Little Prince has several quotes that are worth remembering, adorn your walls with your favourite ones.

11. Moby Dick


This sweet nautical nursery pays homage to Captain Ahab and his quest for revenge against Moby Dick. Soft, natural fabrics and a color palette of blues and grays make this nursery the perfect environment for a baby boy.

12. Peter Rabbit


Beatrix Potter’s timeless illustrations add a whimsical touch to this elegant nursery inspired by Peter Rabbit. The leaf green rocker maintains the woodland theme and is perfect for reading about the curious bunny to your little one.



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