10 Facebook Groups for ‘Like’-minded Mothers

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Being a mum is pretty much equivalent to being a superhero. Forget Superman, where’s Supermum? But even superheroes need some help and support. Fret not mums! The following are 10 groups on Facebook that provide a myriad of resources and tips for mothers and mothers-to-be:

1. Mummies Connect (On A Daily Basis Here-Sharing is Caring)

Women love to chitchat and with Mummies Connect, you can do just that. Mummies and future mummies can join, connect and share on a daily basis and chat about anything under the sun when it comes to motherhood. You can also buy or sell preloved items in this group.

2. The Breastfeeding Advocates Network

Although breastfeeding is natural and has been done for generations, it isn’t as easy as it looks. The Breastfeeding Advocates Network is a more than 40,000-strong group for “anyone and everyone who supports breastfeeding” and is here to give a guiding hand to mummies and mummies-to-be. You’re a breastfeeding veteran? Impart your wisdom here o’ wise one!

3. IBU Family Resource Group

A forum which specifically caters the needs of families with children from 0 to 5 years old and discusses baby, children and parenting issues. Paid memberships at IBU grants you access to equipment rental, library access, baby clinic, playgroups at their IBU house in Sri Hartamas.

4. Babywearing Mamas

This exclusive women-only group believes in keeping their children close by wearing them in various slings and carriers. The close connection enhances the bond and relationship between mother and child. Forget prams and strollers! Get closer to your baby. Literally.

5. Happy Mama Preneurs

Calling all business-owning mothers! The Happy Mama Preneurs group is here to help mothers promote their businesses of any kind. The aim of the group is to provide moral support to mothers who are striving to fend for their family with their businesses. Some mothers even have baby items up for grabs!

6. Mummies @ Home – Homemade Meals for Children

Kids can be fussy eaters. Learn how to get your child to eat healthier from mothers who have succeeded! It’s a place for sharing recipes for healthy and nutritious homecooked meals for the young ‘uns! Learn and share your cooking and baking experiences here!

7. Full Time Working Mums

Being a mother is hard work but being a full time working mother is a whole different ball game. Juggling between work and home is taxing. Seek advice, share experiences and support your fellow working mum.

8. Twins & Triplets Malaysia

If you happen to be one of the few lucky mummies who gave birth to twins or triplets, this special group is for you. Here you can share, support and interact with parents who know EXACTLY what you’re going through. You know what they say, birds of a feather flock together.

9. The Gentle Birthing Group Malaysia

This group’s philosophy is that pregnancy and childbirth are should be treated with respect and dignity. They want all women to receive proper prenatal care and make informed decisions when it comes to the birth of their child. The group aims to provide support and increase awareness in gentle birthing as well as improving options. If you’re curious about waterbirths and other alternative birthing methods, this group’s for you.

10. My Early Childhood Education

All mothers want what’s best for their children, education wise. Mothers who are passionate about education are able to exchange ideas, information and views. This group of mothers aim to mould our future generation.

By Stephanie Boey

Image credit: APL Lactation Services