10 Awesome Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Kids 

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So you’ve got your main gifts sorted out this year (well done, you!) – but if you’re still searching for stocking stuffer ideas, or something that might well be the final pièce de résistance of your present this Christmas, we hear ya. These gift ideas will be the perfect addition for that kid who’s on your Nice List this Christmas (and just in time for the Lazada 12/12 sale too!): 

1. furReal Fuzzalots Puppy (RM59.90)

Source: Lazada

Remember growing up and wishing for a pet dog (for what feels like almost) every Christmas? Gift the next best alternative, sans commitment and poop clean up. This cute interactive toy pup reveals its mood through colour and sound, teaching kids responsibility and emotional responsiveness as they have fun looking after their new pet dog.

For Ages: 4 and up

2. Pop It Bubble Fidget Toys (RM7.10) 

Source: Lazada

For those who are gifting experiences but still want to include the excitement of unwrapping a physical present, look no further! These rainbow coloured fidget toys are cute, cheap and versatile – the perfect supplement to a gift voucher.  

3. NERF Marvel Iron Man Repulsor (RM119.90)

Source: Lazada

We’re sure this will be a huge hit for all Marvel and NERF fans out there! Combine the two together, and you get to play superhero with a cool dart launching repulsor. We can just foresee hours of amusement, with geeked out dads (and mums) joining in the fun too. 

For Ages: 5 and up

4. Play Doh Ice Cream Truck Set (RM109.90)

Source: Lazada

Make Christmas even sweeter for that special child with this ice cream playdough gift. With 20 tools, 5 squishy compound colours, and a truck window that opens up, kids are able to create up to 250 possible combinations of Play-Doh desserts to share with family and friends (keep them busy while you prepare the real Christmas pudding!).

 For Ages: 3 and up

5. PatPat Elf Outfit (RM44)

Source: Lazada

Oh my elf! Who can resist these absolutely adorable little elf outfits? Complete with a pointy hat, this three-piece outfit is the perfect gift for parents who love dressing their kids up. Just be prepared for an incoming flood of Instagram posts of a tiny tot dressed up as Santa’s  cutest elf!

For Ages: 3-24 months

6. Disney Beauty and the Beast Doll and Display Case (RM79.90)

Source: Lazada

Not sure what to get that princess-obsessed child you know? It’s a tale as old as time! Try these portable-sized Disney figurines packed in a display case, great to bring around as on-the-go travel toys.  

For Ages: 3 and up

7. VTech Hippo Soothing Starlight Projector (RM109.90)

Source: Lazada

What’s a great Christmas gift for a baby? A happy set of parents who are not sleep deprived! This cuddly hippo will help the bubs sleep better with its white noise, soft lullabies, and calming projected starry lights. As a high-tech night companion, it even has a cry sensor that will activate soothing melodies. Sleep tight, little one!

For Ages: Birth and up

8. 3-in-1 Board Games, Monopoly, Cluedo, Twister (RM169.50)

Source: Lazada

Christmas conjures up images of hot chocolate, warm fuzzy blankets and a cosy evening spent playing board games with the family. These classic board games for a traditional festive night in are great for families who aren’t quite ready to venture out for Christmas gatherings just yet! 

For Ages: 6 and up

9. Babyshop Juniors 3-in-1 Magnetic Drawing Board (RM63.20)

Source: Lazada

This handy, versatile board is great for creative doodling, magnetic play and educational activities. Use it as a teaching tool, a drawing board, or for long car rides (a useful alternative from all the other gadgets!)

For Ages: 3 and up

10. makchic’s What if? Picture Book (RM35- RM42)

Source: Lazada

We might be biased – but we hope this makes a terrific (and meaningful) present this Christmas! Spread joy and awareness with makchic’s first picture book on consent, personal safety, and body boundaries. What better gift than the gift of empowerment, to help the kids in your lives learn to protect and take charge of their own bodies? Catch our Christmas promotion for either the book or the boxed gift set (complete with a personalised gift card and cute character stickers!). 

For Ages: 3 to 8


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