Valentine’s Day


Just when you thought gifting season is over, along comes another reason for presents – Valentine’s Day.

For those who hate the idea of overpriced flowers and overbooked restaurants, this list is for you. The best part is, you can share these gifts with your significant other, or experience them with your family as a whole.

1. Volunteer at an animal shelter

Photo credit: SPCA

As love knows no boundaries, why not celebrate with some furry friends? You can learn a lot about a person by the way they treat animals. SPCA and PAWS welcome adults and children to volunteer at their shelters. Walk dogs, clean kennels and give your full tender, loving, care to animals in need. You will both leave with a sense of fulfillment, and that is a guarantee!

2. Tour the city

Photo credit: Kuala Lumpur by

Avoid driving and parking hassles by touring the city on the KL Hop-On Hop-Off bus. Be a tourist in your own country and visit over 60 places of interest, or go on a gastronomic adventure together. There are two routes for you to choose from depending on the sights you’d like to see. What better way to get to know the city, and your loved one all in a day.

3. Love boats

Photo credit: Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

Some of the best views of Putrajaya can be seen from Tasik Putrajaya. Take a cruise with your better half and sail past more than 20 Putrajaya landmarks. You can opt to take the traditional Lepa-Lepa boat, the Perahu Dondang Sayang or for a modern experience, the air-conditioned cruise boats. There are also several packages to choose from which include meals on board.

4. Sleep under the stars

Photo credit: Tiarasa Escapes

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city by going glamping. Operators provide basic hotel facilities, so there isn’t a need to bring any camping gears. Most glamping sites are only a stone’s throw away from the city and easy on the pocket. So, pack your bags and enjoy a romantic night under the stars.

5. Handcrafted surprises

Photo credit: Black Milk Project

If you are not on the artistic side but would like to get crafty, fret not as there are plenty of workshops and classes that will cater to you. You can either sign-up with your partner or surprise them with a handcrafted gift. Create a mini forest at a terrarium workshop. Learn to stitch pouches or clutches made of leather. You can also create a watercolour art piece in a class perfect for beginners.

6. Personalised Perfumes

Photo credit: OLFAC3

The sense of smell is a powerful tool that invokes memories of all sorts. Personalise a bottle of perfume for your partner that is uniquely them. It could range from one that reminds them of their childhood, to one that could take you back to your early days of courtship.

7. Practical gifts for two

Photo credit: Fluffy & Co

If you insist on buying, let it be gifts that you both can enjoy at home. A coffee machine and luxurious linens are practical gifts worth investing. You could also create a romantic Spotify playlist and listen to songs via a new Bluetooth speaker. For those with a tub at home, set up a bath with Malaysian-made paraben and cruelty-free bath bombs. While you’re at it, light up the room and your moods with his and her candles.

8. Escaping dinner

Photo credit: @breakfastthieveskl

Instead of the usual candlelight dinner, start the day right with a breakfast date. We are not talking your typical ‘mamak’ brunch. There are plenty of restaurants that offer hearty breakfast meals. Breakfast is almost always cheaper, relaxed and there isn’t a need for reservations. With a full belly, head on home and snuggle up while watching romantic (if not cheesy!) Valentine’s Day movies on Netflix.

9. Be one with nature

Photo credit: Broga Hill Facebook

If you like romantic adventures, begin your Valentine’s date with a quick hike up Broga Hill in Semenyih to catch the sunrise. In the evening, head out for a picnic date by the lake and enjoy a romantic sunset together. There are plenty of parks with beautiful sunset views in KL. Be sure to pack insect repellents to keep bugs at bay.

10. Spa with the family

Photo credit: Ozmosis

If you’re not able to find a babysitter at the very last minute, why not celebrate love with the entire family at a child-friendly spa? Keep your children occupied with their Kids Menu of supervised activities and pampering sessions. Enjoy your downtime without the guilt of having to leave your children at home.


Whether you’re about to hint your other half to whip these up for you come morning, or you’d rather make them yourself as a loving breakfast for the little ones, you can never go wrong with anything that is heart-shaped. Here are some Valentine-themed breakfast ideas for the entire family to work on, all in the name of love!

1. Heart Lace Crêpes

How can you go wrong with something that looks like it came out of an upscale bakery? This recipe requires intricacy and creativity – the latter of which kids certainly do possess!

See how it’s made: Pretty Prudent

2. Homemade Heart-shaped Churros

Churros for breakfast? Yes please, these are set to please hungry tummies! As this recipe requires dipping the batter in hot oil though, do exercise safety and precaution and keep the little ones away from the stove area.

See how its made: The Semisweet Sisters

3. Matcha Green Tea Shortbread Cookies

Shortbreads traditionally require quite some time, so go ahead and take the morning off to work on these matcha cookies. As the shapes are created using cookie cutters, the kids can chip in and help at this part.

See how its made: Baked By Jinie

4. Orange Flavoured Beetroot Waffles

What really made us adore this recipe was that there is no artificial colouring used to make the waffles. Who knew beetroot juice could be used to brighten up even the most basic breakfast item like the waffle?

See how its made: Almond Corner

5. ‘I Love You’ Toast


If you don’t have time to whip up a fancy recipe, go for an alternative like ‘I Love You’ toast. All you need is jam, bread and a stencil if you’re not confident enough to freestyle with the jam yourself.

See how it’s made: Tonya Staab

6. Heart-Shaped Cinnamon Rolls


Here’s another interesting and delicious Valentine’s breakfast you could try. No one expects a busy mom to bake heart-shaped cinnamon rolls every morning. Fortunately this year, Valentine’s day is on a Saturday, so this calls for a great surprise.

See how it’s made: Cake & Allie

7. Egg In A Basket


Another easy recipe which you could try would be Egg in a Basket. All you need is eggs, bread, cooking oil and a frying pan. If you don’t have a heart-shaped stencil, use a thick slice of bread or even two to shape the egg.

See how it’s made: Reclaiming Provincial

8. Roasted Heart Potatoes


Not every heart-shaped recipe has to be sweet. Here’s something savoury for the special occasion – roasted heart-shaped potatoes. Quick, easy and scrumptious!

See how it’s made: CozyCakes Cottage

9. Nutella and Strawberry Stuffed French Toast


Here one our our favorite breakfast foods… french toast! Doesn’t it just look delicious with strawberries and Nutella?

See how it’s made: Mels Kitchen

10. Valentine’s Day Fruit Kebobs


Breakfast just isn’t the same without some fruits and we love these heart-shaped fruit kabobs with watermelon and honeydew!

See how it’s made: Allergy Shmallergy

11. Egg Frittatas


Check out these adorable egg frittatas! You actually make this in a heart shaped mold and they are super easy.

See how it’s made: Seeking Shade

12. The Love Pizza


Who doesn’t love pizza? Heart-shaped pizza? Hell yeah.

See how it’s made: Pillsbury

13. Hardboiled Eggs


Turn boring hardboiled eggs into heart-shaped ones using only one chopstick, a milk carton and some rubber bands!

See how it’s made: Anna The Red

14. XOXO-shaped Pancakes


Nothing says “I love you” like hugs and kisses in the form of pancakes.

See how it’s made: Cool Mom Picks

15. Milk Love Cubes


Feeling a little stuffed? Wash down the Valentine’s brekkie with some cold pink milk. Yum.

See how it’s made: Her Campus

Image Credits: Pretty Prudent, The Semisweet Sisters, Baked by Jinie, Almond Corner, Her Campus, Cool Mom Picks, Anna The Red, Design Happens

Arts and crafts with toddlers can be a messy but fun affair, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to create some projects with your little one. So whip out the colourful paper, glitter, paint, and glue and get creative with these 10 Valentine’s Day craft activities for tots.

1 Crayons
Is your craft drawer filled with broken crayons? Take a note from Fun at Home With Kids and turn them into new, multicolored ones.

See how it’s made: Fun at Home With Kids

2 Msg Bottle
Mini-eco‘s cool valentine involves a secret message written in lemon-juice invisible ink (heat it up to see what it says), paper hearts, and a tiny bottle. Lots of fun for the craft maker and the recipient!

See how it’s made: Mini-eco

3 Heart Stamps
Work with what you’ve got! Recycle a toilet paper tube into a wonderful heart stamp. Just push one crease inward to make a heart and dip it in paint to have some fun with your little one.

See how it’s made: Rust & Shine

4 Lacing Hearts
The Outlaw Mom Blog made this decorative piece from cardboard and yarn with her little one. She says this easy to do activity strengthens chubby toddler hands and helps little fingers learn to manipulate something delicate and thin.

See how it’s made: The Outlaw Mom Blog

5 Snack
Fuel yourself and your little one with this easy to make Valentine Snack. All you need is toast, cream cheese and sprinkles.

See how it’s made: TinkerLab

6 Suncatcher

Lighten up the house with love. Using coffee filters and watercolour, Fun at Home With Kids made these heart-shaped suncatchers that you can keep on your window all year long.

See how it’s made: Fun at Home With Kids

7 Footprint

This keepsake Valentine will be a sure hit with relatives. Simply paint your toddler’s feet and press them onto the paper in a “V” Shape. You can write for them, or if they’re older they can write their own special message.

See how it’s made: Handprint & Footprint Art

8 Photo V
Photo Valentine is really easy, clever and fun. DesignMom took a picture of her daughter with her hands reached out towards the camera, then created a hole for a lollipop to go through.

See how it’s made: DesignMom

9 Melted Crayon
For a Valentine’s craft that doubles as a decoration, make some of Come Together Kids‘ Melted Crayon Canvas to hang around the house.

See how it’s made: Come Together Kids

10 Necklace
Got some spare uncooked pasta at home? Paint and string ’em together to make noodle necklaces or bracelets!

See how it’s made: The Alison Show

Image Credits: Fun at Home With Kids, Mini-eco, Rust & Shine, The Outlaw Mom Blog, TinkerLab, Handprint & Footprint Art, DesignMom, Come Together Kids, The Alison Show, Etsy