Night time


In Malaysia, the heat and humidity of the daytime may be very stiffling for families! If you’re looking for some opportunities to spend time with the kids on a cool, breezy evening, here are some options in the Klang Valley to consider.

1. I-City Theme Park

Lights, lights and more lights to make your little ones go ‘wow’. This theme park opens at 5pm but the glittery magic begins when the sun goes down. There are many attractions in its outdoor spaces, such as the Mist Fountain and Dancing Waters display, as well as a variety of food stores available for the whole family. It may take more than a visit to cover it all, unless you are willing to stay till closing time!

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2.  Pasar Malam – Klang Valley’s Night Markets

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A beloved fixture in Malaysian life, the pasar malam or night market is a must-do for families. It’s something that is truly Malaysian and a wonderful memory for children – from authentic street food to little bargains here and there. For a good introduction to the pasar malam, families can try the ones at SS2 on Mondays, Taman Connaught on Wednesdays or Seksyen 3 Kota Damansara on Fridays.  Or just check out your local pasar malam – it’s the best bet for proximity and convenience!

3. KLCC Lake Symphony

Within KLCC Park are two musical fountains, where the Lake Symphony Light and Sound Water Fountain shows display over 150 unique programmed animations in a magical performance of sound and water. Showtimes are at 8pm, 9pm and 10pm daily. However, the fountains start lighting up (lights only) at 7:30pm, 8:30pm and 9:30pm. Totally free and a nice highlight after walking around the park or shopping in the KLCC mall, the fountains are nice but it can be a little crowded considering the location!

4. 99 Wonderland Park

From the opportunity to look at a variety of animals to relaxing in a park with various landscapes, the 99 Wonderland Park is open from Wednesdays to Sundays, from 9am to 11pm. The park includes a T-Rex Ring, 12 Zodiac Zone, Golden Waterfall, and Sky Fountain. People have described it as a ‘farm in a city, surrounded by a lake’.

5. Family Nocturnal Walk by Nature Education Centre

This one is a wonderful opportunity for families to discover and experience the FRIM forest at night. A lovely night walk for families with children (minimum age 7) to learn about nocturnal animals that only come out in the dark! This programme is organised by the Nature Education Centre and experts from the MNS SIG Herp group. Usually limited to around 15 places and only held once every so often (the last one was held on the 17th of November), parents should follow the NEC Facebook site or the Malaysian Nature Society for more night walks and register quick!

Night Time Fun Without Bites

If you’re out and about with the children in the evenings, it’s best to keep them protected from mosquito bites. After all, dengue fever brought by Aedes mosquitoes is, unfortunately, still listed as the most prevalent disease in the country. Parents can try the Mosquito Repellent Range by Tiger Balm, one of the most trusted and recognised Asian brands in the world.

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With such peace of mind, enjoy the time with your children outdoors and let them play safer, for longer!


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