Smart Cooking Hacks For The Busy Parent, With Panasonic Malaysia

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The daily grind of prepping meals for busy parents can get a tad bit tiring at times (and time-consuming too, to say the least!). You’re going to love these fuss-free hacks and cooking methods we’ve listed below, to help you save time, and some much-needed energy. Together with Panasonic Malaysia, we’ve set out smart cooking cheats that you’ll wish you’d have known about much earlier!

You won’t believe I made this in…

1. The Microwave 

Source: Panasonic Malaysia

What would we do without this kitchen sidekick? And no, the microwave isn’t just for reheating leftovers- here are two simple ways on how it can be used to cook.

Source: Panasonic Malaysia
Source: Panasonic Malaysia

2. The Rice Cooker

The rice cooker can do more than steam and cook your daily fix of carbs! Keep the frying pan away with this useful stir-fry recipe. 

Source: Panasonic Cooking MY

3. The Cubie Oven

Source: Panasonic Malaysia

Grease-free, healthier and crispy dishes coming your way- sans oil splatters or mess! With the Healthy Fry function, all you need to do is  preheat the oven, line your food on the tray, lightly spray some oil, if necessary, and set the desired time.

Crispy Fried … Everything 

Source: Panasonic Malaysia

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