Must-Have Handmade Moccasins for Little Feet

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Moccasins are all the rage in the fashion world right now. If you happen to already have a pair, why not match your little one’s footwear to yours? BebeBundo, a local online store which sells moccasins in the most adorable shades has what you’re looking for.

BebeBundo is the first store in Malaysia to specialise in handmade baby moccasins, or mocas as they like to call it. Being a family-owned business, the brand is also proud of their home state down south, Negeri Sembilan. The state’s heritage is visibly noticeable in the brand name, whereby Bundo means mother in Bahasa Minangkabau as well as the iconic Minangkabau architecture in their logo.

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The shoes are designed and handcrafted by Nadia Bakly, the Creative Director of the brand. The moccasins are made of genuine soft leather to ensure flexibility and ventilation for your baby’s feet. Take a look at their online catalogue and you’ll be spoiled for choices. Pick among pastel hues, bright neons or subdued shades either in nubuck, suede or finished leather.

One of our favourites would have to be the songket collection. The incorporation of songket and leather gives the baby moccasins an east meets west vibe. It’s the best of both worlds with its use of traditional and modern materials. Also, the contrasting colour palettes make these kicks stand out in any crowd. The shoes are all constructed with soft soles so those little baby feet will be as comfortable as possible when you’re out and about. Also, the elastic bands make them very easy to put on and take off. A breath of fresh air from tiresome laces.

Prices vary from RM89 to RM99 and the moccasins come in seven sizes, ranging from newborns to toddlers from 3 to 4 years old. Here are our faves:


1. Arjuna, RM99
2. Cindai, RM99
3. Breast Cancer Awareness Limited Edition, RM89
4. Jebat, RM99
5. Fuchsia, RM99

For more information, visit BebeBundo’s website.

Image Credit: Courtesy of BebeBundo

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