makchic Recommends: Homegrown Malaysian Brands and Services We Love

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Malaysia Day is just around the corner, and team makchic (along with our returners from our Returnship Programme) wanted to lend a little love to our amazing homegrown brands and services. So check out our list, and get ready to #SapotLokal, mamas!   

For the Foodies

  • Hema’s Pick: Jacob’s Corner Homemade Achar

Owner Fallon Jacob from Petaling Jaya has been setting the achar world on fire with her range of condiments for the past few years. My personal favourites are the Ikan Bilis Achar and Salted Kurau Fish Achar. I take a dollop or more and add it to my plate of rice, spinach dhall, fried fish and vegetables – and it just takes the meal to the next level. Other flavours include Chunky Cashew (a hot favourite, I’ve heard!), Bentong Ginger, Orange Peel and more, while those who like it hot can opt for the Cili Padi and Cili Padi (2x spicy)!

What it adds is a burst of flavour to your food. My husband has even added it to his burgers and short of using it as a dip for a bag of chips, we’ve enjoyed it with many meals. Not overly salty nor sour, nor swimming in a pool of oil (all memories of the types of achar my parents used to have at home), this is nothing like that. In my opinion, she has modernised traditional achars brilliantly. Prices range from RM28 per jar. 



  • Lu Sean’s Pick: Yamesushi

Looking for kawaii sushi gift boxes or delicious party platters? Our family loves Yamesushi’s Frozen, Pokémon, and sushi spreads. My daughter especially loved her Hello Kitty birthday sushi. The salmon lover in your life might enjoy their eye-catching sashimi bouquets. Vivian is super accommodating and even offers seasonal treats.


For the Fashionistas

  • Kyuree’s Pick: Dalilah D Empire

I stumbled upon this place when I took my Korean family on a visit to Central Market a few months ago, and it has now become my go-to-place to pick up gifts made from batik material. They opened in June 2023, and have a wide range of products- hair accessories, handbags, keychains, soft toys, necklaces and more – all using batik fabric.

There are many batik shops (mostly selling clothes) here, but this one stands out because the products are handmade, unique in their design, and also very practical. My personal favourites are the hairbands. They don’t give me a headache, even after wearing them for hours, and the design and colours are beautiful; they make perfect gifts! 

  • Kimberly’s Pick: Marimari

Just take my money” is the refrain that goes through my brain, every time Marimari releases a new pair of shoes, especially in their gorgeous (and gorgeously comfortable) Cloud Collection. I’m the happy owner of their classic NISA heels in Black and Sand, as well as their Jedi 2.0 heels in Bone from their Cruise Collection 2023, and all three pairs are on regular rotation in my closet.

These locally-made, vegan leather shoes truly live up to their name – with their signature doubled-padded and extra-cushioned insoles, it’s like walking on a cloud! I love their soft neutral palette as well, in flattering shades such as Dusky Rose and Tan, to suit a variety of skin tones here in Malaysia.

The brand’s goal is to produce great quality products at accessible prices for their community, and I do appreciate that their footwear is locally handmade in smaller quantities, or sold on a pre-order basis, to reduce wastage.

For New Mamas

  • Adeline’s Pick: ZÉRA Postpartum

With so many brands in the market, it can sometimes get pretty overwhelming, trying to choose the best for your baby. Then, I stumbled upon ZÉRA Postpartum, which provides you free samples and vouchers (their tagline is:  Try Before You Buy’) – from baby wash, diapers and lotions, to breastfeeding essentials, ointments, baby food and so much more.

What I like most about the initiative is that it also features well-known brands, such as Buds Organics, TYT, Jordan and 9months Maternity, to name a few, and the products sent out are specially curated for you, based on the series of questionnaires given. As low as RM8 a month, you get to try out different kinds of products for you and your baby; plus, you get to collect reusable cute pouches as well! If you feel like you don’t need these samples anymore, just pause or cancel your subscription any time, without any hassle.


  • Fadzeana’s Pick: Chirozone Family Chiropractic

This one’s especially for the pregnant and postpartum mothers, with body aches and pains. Visit Chirozone at Solaris Mont Kiara to get a consultation and assessment from their certified chiropractors and physiotherapists. They are a lovely bunch of people that are so friendly, patient and gentle. They also offer paediatric chiropractic services, so if you feel your babies are having tummy-related or mobility issues, bring them along for a visit as well! 



For Beauty and Skincare Lovers

  • Nora’s Pick: CUURA Malaysia

Are the products beautifully presented and packaged? Yes. But there’s a lot more to it! With an impressive (current) line-up of 20 products to cater to different skin types and concerns, there’s a reason why this local skincare brand is beloved by many. The brand heavily imparts good skin knowledge to its customers, and acknowledges a holistic approach to skincare by encouraging us to care for it from within – with proper hydration, and so forth.

If you still haven’t found a sunscreen that you like, please try everyone’s favourite Brightening Sunscreen. It is, by far, the easiest sunscreen to apply sans any white cast – perfect for busy mamas who are always on the go, go go! To look more presentable without needing to use makeup, I use the Glow Defence Tone-up Sunscreen, although this does take a little more blending in with your fingers. But a dab of blush and eyeliner, and you’re good to go!

Other products I personally use (and love) include the hyaluronic-based Hydra Boost serum, Recharge & Brightening Sleeping Mask, and Bright Eyes eye gel.


  • Najmin’s Pick: Bluemolly

You can never have enough lip products, and it was a delight to discover my new favourite lip crayons, by the local brand, Bluemolly! Launched in December 2022, this new beauty product hits all the right spots. Available in 5 different shades,  (Nude, Coral, Pink, Red and Mauve), these lip crayons are ideal for that layering you would need to get just the right pop of colour on your lips. They’re easy to apply (it takes only a minute), and are enriched with organic coconut oil to keep my lips moisturised throughout the day. Bluemolly has also made careful choices, from the use of PEFC-certified wood and recyclable plastic for their caps to please the eco-conscious crowd.


Know of any local brands that deserve some love too, #makchicmumsquad? Share them with us at hello@makchic.com or drop us a DM at our Instagram page.

Many moons ago, Hema was a journalist in bustling KL, enjoyed exploring Malaysia as a travel writer, worked for an airline to get cheap flights (!) and is currently regaining her sanity after having kids. She enjoys bugging her husband to find out if her cooking is nice enough and loves to share her recipes on her website -  The Sudden Cook.