makchic Recommends: Favourite Malaysian Brands to Help You #SapotLokal

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Let’s face it, #makchicmumtribe – 2021 hasn’t been the easiest of years, has it? As we’re nearing the end of this year and (hopefully) moving into a better and brighter 2022, we know that it’s still going to take time for our economy to get back on its feet. So we at team makchic wanted to give a shoutout to some of our favourite local brands that deserve to be shown some love! From mumpreneur businesses and creative workshops, to artisanal, proudly Malaysian products, check out these talented creators to help you #SapotLokal:

Najmin’s picks


I stumbled onto the woodworking husband and wife duo, Shafril Hadi (Adi) and Aida Ihsani (Aida), of ADIAIDA, when I was looking around for a new skill to add to my rather limited repertoire. Running local woodworking workshops in Ara Damansara out of a space designed, crafted and built by the duo themselves, they take pride in creating Malaysia’s first woodworking workshop only for women- a safe space for them to learn a new skill, without fear of making mistakes.

Working with power tools could have been nerve wrecking, but Adi and Aida walked me through the steps gently, and by the end of the day, I was incredibly proud of the spice rack I built during the session. (It takes place of pride in my kitchen to this day!). ADIAIDA also conducts sessions for children, parent & child and couples. So, if you are looking for a fun bonding experience, and bringing home a beautiful piece you have built together, you can’t go wrong with a session in their workshop.

Beyond woodworking workshops, ADIAIDA also creates bespoke furniture, focusing on items that could function well in small, urban spaces. And if you are a cat lover like me, check out the cat tree they have built that would be a great addition in your homes for the felines in your lives!

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Scrumptious by Michelle

Source: Scrumptious by Michelle

Looking for custom-made, beautiful desserts for a special occasion? Then look no further than Scrumptious by Michelle, a passionate cake and sugar artist, based in Ara Damansara. Michelle is my go-to baker for my children’s birthdays. Choose between chocolate, vanilla bean or classic butter for flavours, and let Michelle’s imagination run free as she crafts the designs to suit your chosen theme for your celebration.

My daughter’s personal favourite is Michelle’s beautiful cakesicles- a twist on the more traditional cakepops! If you are not a fan of moist dark chocolate cake with a dark chocolate shell, you can opt for the vanilla cake, coated with white chocolate instead. Not only do these sweet treats look amazing, they taste incredible too!

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Laych’s picks

Batik Martian

Source: Batik Martian

If you are looking for batik shirts and dresses in contemporary motifs and design, check out Batik Martian for their collection of casual wear that you can pretty much take anywhere. Whether for work, home or the beach, the brand has elegant pieces using a hand-block batik technique that is designed and handcrafted by batik artisans.

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Source: Monomama

If your style is minimalistic and you’re looking for tees or mugs for your mama friend, perhaps Monomama may be for you. They have a collection of simple black and white tees for the everyday mum, as well as some huge mugs for your mama friends out there who love their coffee.

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Source: Quiethought

If you have friends who are serious about meditation and love the therapeutic effects of a weighted blanket, Quiethought’s Shhhawl may be a truly appreciated present. It’s a wearable, weighted shawl that promotes calm and relaxation by giving the wearer the sensation of being hugged. This Malaysian-born idea and design is breathable and compact, using bamboo fibre blended with cotton and elastane for a comfy and relaxed feel.

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Kimberly’s picks

Garden to Bath

Source: Garden to Bath

My go-to whenever there’s a new mama in need of some much-needed pampering! Diana’s products are handmade and smell divine, with all-natural ingredients and beautiful blends that are gentle, yet luxurious, on the skin. Her postnatal and new mama gift sets are always tastefully curated – and prettily packaged, to boot. 

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FayFay Xiao Ting

Source: FayFay Xiao Ting

Who needs Michelangelo, when you have Malaysia’s own FayFay Xiao Ting? I first stumbled across FayFay’s work at a pop-up bazaar, and have since become a lifelong fan, commissioning several family portraits that attest to her incredible skill as an artist. FayFay’s life-like portraiture work is stunning, and watching her work her magic on oil, charcoal or watercolour as mediums is a true delight.

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Lu Sean’s Picks

Sift and Whisk by Lizzie

Source: Sift and Whisk by Lizzie

My family and I love the Biscoff Lemon Cheese Tarts from this weekend baker, and her seasonal offerings, such as mooncakes, were not-too-sweet, delicate, and delicious too. The kids demolished them in a single sitting!

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Source: Arttourmums’ Instagram page

Illuminating art tours by Li-Hsian and Michelle at Ilham Gallery make appreciating art accessible and fun for kids. Hands-on activities and breaks are built into each tour – perfect for the little ones who are just discovering the local art scene!

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Nora’s picks

Liberty Active

Source: Liberty Active

Liberty Active is a homegrown activewear brand with very versatile pieces that can be used for workouts as well as leisure. What I love most about the brand is that they carry sizes from XS to XXL, and use real women (all shapes, sizes and colours) as models as they believe that “fitness does not have a certain look.” They also offer high quality core sliders and yoga mats.

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Studio Kittuco

Source: Studio Kittuco

While there are many local brands that produce jesmonite homewares, Studio Kittuco is always offering something new and different to the market, such as DIY Terrazzo Coaster Kits and even lamps and scented candles (in collaboration with another local brand). Their 100% handmade terrazzo trays and vases will instantly brighten up any living space!

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Jia-Wei’s picks

The Backroom Kuala Lumpur

Source: The Backroom Kuala Lumpur

An intimate gallery located in The Zhongshan Gallery, The Backroom is the perfect pit stop for first-time art buyers. Liza Ho, mum, gallery owner and all-around nice lady breaks down the barriers of art collecting and makes it very personal, accessible and friendly.

| Website | Instagram |

Universal Bakehouse

Source: Universal Bakehouse

The team at Universal Bakehouse make every visit or purchase feel special. Truly one of Malaysia’s most talented and caring F&B operators, their team is always friendly (and their baked goods and sourdough breads are the best in town!).

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Know of any local brands that deserve some love too, #makchicmumtribe? Share them with us at hello@makchic.com or drop us a DM at our Instagram page.

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