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3 Possible Learning Disability Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Many children have difficulty with reading, writing, or other learning-related tasks at some point, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they have learning disabilities.

Children with learning disabilities usually have normal or above normal intelligence, but they find difficulties in expressing their knowledge. Because it’s so difficult for children with learning disabilities to master certain tasks, they are often angry, upset or frustrated with themselves. Your child may know just what he wants to accomplish but getting there isn’t a straight path.

Early intervention can help toddlers with disabilities or delays to learn many key skills and catch up in their development.

The signs of learning disabilities vary from person to person, but here are the common signs to look out for:

Warning No. 1: Your child doesn’t speak as early or as clearly as other kids.
Other indicators include a small vocabulary and having trouble finding the right word for things when talking.

Warning No. 2: Your child has trouble learning ideas about relationships between things.
A child with a learning disability may have more trouble than usual grasping ideas like up and down, or before and after. Children with learning disabilities may also be impulsive because they don’t see the connection between what they do and what happens next.

Warning No. 3: Your child doesn’t seem able to learn and recognise letters.
Linda S., whose son was diagnosed with a learning disability, explains one possible reason: “My son sees letters as objects, where b, d, p, or q could be the same thing just turned in a different direction.”

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