Healthy Recipes Your Kids Will Enjoy, with Hamadaya Sauces

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Looking for an easy win in the kitchen? These healthy, wholesome family recipes are so delicious, it’ll be hard for even the pickiest of eaters to say no! For the best experience and flavours, use Hamadaya’s premium, exclusive and halal Japanese Reduced Salt Soy Sauce and Japanese Oyster Essence Sauce to elevate your next family meal. With exceptional taste and aroma owing to a 200-year-old time-tested family recipe, these timeless staples are perfect for bringing some much-needed #SauceintheCity into your kitchen! 

So go ahead: switch up that same old makan routine with Hamadaya’s soy and oyster sauces – and try these recipes by renowned Malaysian chef, Ili Sulaiman. Easy, breezy, delicious and healthy? You’ll thank us later. 

1. Tomato Tofu and Asian Noodle Pasta

Does the thought of greens make your kid turn…well…green? Win the great veggie battle with this mouthwatering Asian Noodle Pasta dish, combining childhood favourites such as tofu with nutrient-packed vegetables (and an umami-filled dash of Hamadaya’s soy sauce).

2. Hainanese Chicken Rice 

A much-loved Malaysian dish that sounds deceptively simple, but is full of taste and rich in flavour! This chicken and rice combo makes for an aromatic, nutritious and healthy dish.

3. Steamed Fish 

A classic, healthy dish that’s great for when you are short on time (which is pretty much everyday for us busy mums!). Serve this fragrant dish up with some hot steamed rice for happy, little (and big!) bellies.

This is a sponsored post by Hamadaya. Recipes originally published on Dish by Ili.

Hamadaya’s 200-year-old time-tested recipe has been recognised for its supreme quality and premium taste by Monde Selection and International Taste Institute. This award-winning, halal-certified brand offers four exclusive types of Japanese soy and oyster sauces to bring out the best in your cooking. 



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