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Grandma’s top tips for coughs and colds

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“Don’t leave your hair wet at night.”

“Sleep with crushed garlic in your socks.”

“Munch on raw onions.”

Ah, grandmothers! You can always count on them to share their pearls of wisdom and impart invaluable advice on how to live life, especially when it comes to your health and well being. While most of her tips might sound outright bizarre, there are those with some truth to them!

With the recent haze, and now the rainy season upon us, it seems as though everyone in the household is playing a never-ending game of Pass the ‘Flu’ Parcel. We decided to ask grandma to share her tips and tricks to beat the common cold and cough.

Grandma’s chicken soup

When you are down with the flu, nothing fixes you quite like a big bowl of grandma’s chicken soup.  Stock made from chicken bones is not only flavourful, but has plenty of immune-boosting minerals. It is rich in amino acid cysteine which helps to break down mucus and clear out your passageway. The vegetables in the soup also make for a great source of vitamins to give your immune system a boost. As your body is busy fighting off the flu virus, chicken soup helps lessen the stress on your digestive system and keeps you hydrated at the same time.

A taste of honey

Doctors and grandmas are on the same page with this one. Honey is not only soothing to the throat, but also has plenty of anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. According to a recent study, children who consumed honey “coughed less often and had less severe coughs compared with those given no treatment.” You can choose to drink your honey straight from the spoon. Another option is to mix it with warm water and squeeze some lemon for added Vitamin C. It is important to note that children younger than one year should not have honey due to the risk of infant botulism.


Grandma might tell you to wear it in your socks, but research shows that eating garlic may be more effective in keeping you from getting sick. And if you do get sick, garlic helps you to recover faster. Garlic contains medicinal properties that have been shown to boost disease-fighting responses of some types of white blood cells in the body. This happens when they encounter viruses, such as those that cause the common cold or flu. To maximise the benefits of garlic, consuming it raw will help prevent the loss of its medicinal properties. If you want to cook it, let crushed garlic stand for 10 minutes first before tossing it into the pan.

Mentholated rubs

Three of the main ingredients in Vicks VapoRub are menthol, camphor and eucalyptus oil. The cooling sensation produced by these ingredients may be pleasing and help you feel better. Rub it on your chest and front of the neck to relieve cough and ease your breathing. When rubbed onto the muscles, it can help soothe minor aches and pains you get from a feverish cold. You can use Vicks VapoRub on your children too if they are above the age of two.

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