Fight the Fatigue: 5 Top Tips for Tired Mamas 

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If you’re a parent, we bet you’re always busy. Keeping the kids fed and clean, household chores, juggling work responsibilities, taking care of aging parents…the list goes on. Phew! We know it’s exhausting – and we’re here to help. To all our tired mamas out there, read on for some fatigue-fighting tips to power you through the day:

1. Reduce your stress levels

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You’ve heard it before: mental health certainly affects your physical health!  Stress, the culprit of many ailments, can also make you feel drained out, leading to a chronic feeling of lethargy. Make it a point to prioritise your mental health by adopting some of these practical tips. 

2. Stay hydrated

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Drinking more water can help you feel energised, as dehydration can cause you to feel sleepy, tired, and also leads to lower mental alertness. If your urine is darker than pale yellow or straw-coloured, it’s time to drink up!

3. Eat smart

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Frequent, small meals throughout the day are also great energy lifters, and can help counter that mid-afternoon slump we tend to experience, post-lunch. We know how tough it can be for many mamas to maintain a balanced diet amidst their packed schedules, though. A good supplement, such as the nutrient-rich Nature Way’s VitaGummies® Adult, can help to fill in those nutrition gaps in an easy and effective way.

These power-packed gummies provide a much-needed energy and immunity boost – perfect for helping busy mamas focus during those late nights at work, or to stay healthy during hectic family weekends. Plus, if you’re someone who can’t stand swallowing pills (or if you hate the hassle of remembering to take multiple supplements), these chewable gummies make a delicious alternative!

4. Keep moving

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Exercising feels counterintuitive when you’re feeling exhausted, but trust us…it works! Regular exercise will make you feel more energetic in the long run. Start with low-intensity workouts – even 10 minutes a day can reap great health benefits.

5. Sleep early

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Let’s practice what we preach to our kids! One of the leading causes of daytime fatigue is a lack of sleep. Try getting enough shut-eye by committing to an earlier bedtime each night.

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Elaine is a mummy of two who moved from the financial world to become an early childhood educator. She loves travelling, books and her cup of tea to unwind after a long day of diapers, school runs and pretend play.