Confinement Food Catering Services in Klang Valley

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Postnatal recovery is an important process and should not be taken lightly. The one-month confinement period is crucial for new moms to replenish energy and revitalize health with ample rest and nutritious food. The confinement diet greatly differs from regular food; it is packed with exceptionally high amount of herbs that should only be prepared by experienced professionals.

Having said that, we understand that some moms may not have the privilege to hire a stay-in lady to help with preparing confinement foods. So we’ve compiled a list of confinement food delivery services around the Klang Valley to ease your worries. Have carefully-curated confinement food delivered to your doorsteps today!

1. Hampden Wellness


Hampden Wellness is your one-stop centre for all health and wellness services for moms and babies. Covering a range of services from prenatal through to postnatal, the wellness center offers a thoughtful and well-planned confinement menu using only high quality and fresh ingredients.

Package: Chinese Menu (2 meat, 2 vege, 1 herbal soup) [Non-Halal]
Prices: 28 days (RM2500) & 14 days (RM1350)
Contact: 017-227 9400
Website: http://www.hampdenwellness.com.my/

2. Moms2B


With over 15 years of experience, Moms2B is one of the few well-established pregnancy care entities around. Its hassle-free and cost-effective confinement dietary program comes with a range of products such as red date extracts, toiletries, and tools to help ease the confinement period.

Package: 28 Days Postnatal Dietary Program
Prices: Basic Package (RM2604) & Supreme Package (RM3871)[Non-Halal]
Contact: 03-7877 8000
Website: http://www.moms2b.com/

3. SHL Confinement Cares


SHL Confinement Cares believes in providing the best nutritional meals for its postnatal customers. Incorporating health-beneficial ingredients like rice wine and DOM, the MSG-free, less salt and oil diet will be able to regulate a postnatal body in no time.

Package: 7 Days, 14 Days, 21 Days, 28 Days Value Meal (2 dishes, 1 herbal tonic soup) [Non-Halal]
Prices: Based on location
Contact: 03-6251 6133
Website: http://www.shlcares.com/

4. Care Nanny


Understanding the benefits of Chinese confinement meals, Care Nanny’s team of professional chefs and cooks prepare meals that focuses on a women’s health. Covering five meals (breakfast, lunch, tea time, dinner, and supper) a day, with daily traditional confinement soup and red date drink, Care Nanny’s confinement diet is easily the most well-balanced in town.

Package: 30 Days Package
Price: RM3800
Contact: 03-7785 5888
Website: http://www.carenanny.com.my/

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