Cheekaaboo: Protective & Cheerful Swimwear for Water Babies

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For all the little water babies and kids out there, here’s a range of swimwear mummies and daddies simply must consider investing in. Playful prints and colours, neoprene fabrication, 100% UV ray protection, snug fit – what’s not to love?

Malaysian swimwear label founded by young entrepreneur Bao Bao Foo, Cheekaaboo, offers cheeky and cheerful swimwear, protective swimwear and floaties for babies, toddlers, older kids and mums. With hopes to make splashing around in water more comfortable and safe, Bao Bao Foo designs swimwear gear so that little ones will not be as scorched by the Sun during their afternoon swim (but put on some sunblock!) or freeze once they get out of the cool water as the snuggly fit swimwear is made to keep them warm and protected at all times.


“It’s a water-resistant material that offers UV protection. Basically, neoprene has insulating properties that help to trap water between the suit and the child’s skin to create a layer of insulation from cold, hence it can keep a child warm – in and out of the water – if worn snugly,” Bao Bao Foo told The Star.

If your little ones love water play, Cheekaaboo swimsuits are definitely a must-try.


1. Arm Bands Sea World, RM19.90
2. Chittybabes Suit, RM139.90
3. Mini Twinwets Separates, RM149.90
4. Owl Trunks and Cap, RM64
5. Huggiebabes Pink , RM149.90
6. Cow Bikini, RM79.90
7. Huggiebabes Sailor, RM149.90
8. Neoprene Floating Toy, RM25.90
9. Swim Ring Sea Fish, RM19.90

Cheekaaboo’s range varies from RM110 – RM160 and is available online and at a number of physical outlets and departmental stores.

Image Credit: Cheekaaboo, Azmir Khalid Studio.

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