Meet Sleep Bear, the cuddly plush toy created to help soothe babies with sounds proven effective by doctors. This hospital-tested bear was created by Sound Oasis, the world leader in advanced sound therapy systems, with six baby proven sounds: White noise, womb sound, lullaby, ocean surf, heartbeat and car ride. Contributor Michelle Lim-Chua decided there would be no better companion to tackle sleep training with.

Trial Run1

Price RM260(++)


  • Right out of the box, the super soft material makes the bear alone, seem like it’s worth the hefty price tag. It’s easy to imagine this as the stuffed animal your toddler will tote around everywhere later on.
  • The white noise and womb sounds seem to work the best at visibly soothing the baby at bedtime. Remember to turn up the volume as babies are used to the noise, and seem to prefer it to complete silence. White noise is also useful if you and your husband are sleeping in the same room, and want something to drown out the sound of your voices and movements.
  • The patented Sleep Enhancement feature gradually slows the sounds down in order to lull the baby to sleep in a natural way.


  • A set of 4 “AA” batteries will only keep this guy going for about 2 weeks (used nightly).
  • When the sound pack is removed and used separately (i.e., when traveling), the sound is very harsh and almost needs to be muffled by a pillow.
  • Sounds like ocean surf and heartbeat aren’t very ‘natural’ and not particularly useful at helping babies sleep.

Bottom Line
Sleep Bear is no miracle worker, but it provides much-needed sounds that seem to soothe the baby, and definitely soothes parents! If you are trying to get your little one to sleep in his own room, it is very reassuring to turn Sleep Bear on before you leave – and know that your baby isn’t completely alone, with the comfort of sound. Of course you could opt to play a CD with scientifically proven sounds and cut the tracks to play for options of 30, 60 or 90 minutes, but Sleep Bear just makes life easier.

Date Reviewed: 25th September 2013

Michelle Lim-Chua is a banana born in New York City, who fell in love with a boy from Melaka and became a mama of one.