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If we had to pick one word to describe IKEA, that word would be ‘tempting’. From bookcases and lighting fixtures to dinner tables and rugs, they come various styles, colours, materials and sizes. IKEA has a lot of kids stuff too, which we love because they’re simple, well-designed and affordable.

The Makchic team made a trip to IKEA recently to round up our top picks for our tiny tots:


  1. Leka baby gym (RM129) – Unlike some baby gyms on the market, here’s one that’s wooden, modern, stimulating, and easy to blend with nursery furniture.
  2. Kladd baby bib (RM14.90 / 5 pieces) – It’s cheap, easy to put on and take off, and good looking. Need we say more?
  3. Leka Cirkus play mat (RM139) – Stimulate your baby’s senses and motor skills with the play mat’s different motifs, sounds and materials.
  4. Antilop highchair with tray (RM49.90) – This no frills highchair is easy to clean and has raised edges to prevent spills from landing on the floor. For an additional RM29.90 you can get a colourful Barnslig supporting pillow.
  5. Lattsam baby bath (RM19.90) – The Lattsam baby bath wins points not only for its no-fuss design, rounded edges and anti-slip features, but on price too!
  6. Len mattress protector (RM29.90) – This waterproof mattress protector is a great and fuss free way of dealing with nighttime accidents.
  7. Ekorre toddle truck (RM99) – This clever walker has resistance for your baby’s slow steps. Then when your baby’s older, it’s a wagon to push their toys around in.
  8. Kusiner bed storage box (RM24.90) – Perfect for storing toys underneath the bed or cot without them getting dusty.
  9. Expedit shelving unit (RM129) – The Expedit is a great shelving unit for children’s books and toys.
  10. Mata 4-piece eating set (RM12.90) – The bowl has a suction ring at the bottom to keep it in place and the bib’s big pocket is great for catching spills.

What’s on your list of tried and tested IKEA products for the little ones?

Image credit: IKEA Malaysia.