If ‘sleep sounder’ and ‘peace of mind’ are phrases that are making you excited, then make a beeline for a new technology that’s just come out of Boston, USA.

Fitted into a onesie, Mimo is a device that monitors babies’ sleep and reports back to mum and dad through a smartphone app. It might sound like helicopter parenting, but it could address the very real problem of 4,000 infants who die suddenly every year in the US, of no obvious cause. Many of these deaths occur during sleep, so Mimo can reassure parents that their baby is fine, or set off an alarm when something is not right.


Costing USD200 per kit, Mimo comes with three organic cotton onesies that act as respiration sensors, a toy turtle clip that detects movement and skin temperature; and a Wi-Fi base station shaped like a lily pad – fully equipped with a microphone to stream baby’s sounds to his or her parent’s smartphone.

Parents download an iPhone or Android app that allows them to see their baby’s data in real-time; set alerts if anything changes; and view trend and analytics about their baby’s sleep over time.

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Would you consider getting such device?

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