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It’s a brilliant learning process for children when they have the opportunity to play house. Interactive play with the use of playhouses may help them understand the importance of cleanliness, manners as well as encourage them to discover their interests at an early age. From little soldiers to bookworms and chefs to homemakers, here are 10 DIY playhouse ideas you can make for your little one.


1. The Cardboard Camper

Since we can’t just pack up and head out on an adventure in an airstream trailer, why not build a hipster DIY playhouse for your little tyke? (Tutorial via The Merrythought)


2. Army Tent

For a playhouse that’s more durable than a cardboard box or blanket teepee, make your child this “army strong” tent. (Tutorial via Beckham and Belle)


3. Minimalist Playhouse

Skip the usual plastic playhouse and make a classy wooden fort that kids and adults alike will enjoy lounging in. (Tutorial via A Subtle Revelry)


4. The Cardboard Village

Create a village out of cardboard right in your living room! Plain brown boxes are easy to work with because you can decorate it any way you (or the kids) want. (Tutorial via A Beautiful Mess)


5. Rocket Man

If your child is into rockets and outer space, build him or her a cardboard rocket ship instead. (Tutorial via Kate’s Creative Space)


6. The Modern Chic Kid

For a more minimalist, Scandinavian look, we can’t help but to love this little playhouse made from painted wood battens. (Tutorial via Deko)


7. Ombre Tent

Re-purpose a quilting hoop (or even a hula hoop) into a cozy reading nook for your child. Just sew a piece of breathable material to the hoop, use fishing wire to hang it from the ceiling and then add a lot of pillows. (Tutorial via Sew Liberated)


8. Collapsible Playhouse

Don’t have a lot of space at home? This foam playhouse is designed to be easily disassembled and stored when not in use. (Tutorial via A Beautiful Mess)


9. No-sew Teepee

This teepee definitely brings a glamping feel, especially if you choose to use different types of fabric instead throwing a bed sheet over the frame. (Tutorial via The Handmade Home)


10. Cardboard Playhouse

Just finished moving? Why not re-use those packing boxes and make a playhouse. You just need 3 large packing boxes, ½ roll of clear masking tape, and 1 roll of black duct tape! (Tutorial via Rust and Shine)

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Image Credits: The Handmade Home, A Beautiful Mess, Sew Liberated, Deko, Kate’s Creative Space, A Subtle Revelry, The Merrythought,, and Beckham and Bell.


Nothing describes comfort better than cozy warm fabrics and homely fun prints. Malaysian label Cotton Pines Baby offers a range of homeware items for the tykes and tots in our lives.

Run by full-time working mum, Suhaiza, Cotton Pines Baby is a label created out of pure passion and Suhaiza’s interest in teepee fabrics –”I only manage to run CPB part-time. I also run a part-time baking service for close friends and relatives. It’s pretty hectic but luckily my husband is kind enough to help with packaging and postage.”


From baby blankets to laundry/storage baskets and the occasional knitted toys, Cotton Pines Baby designs and produces quality items in organic cottons, knitted acrylic and linen with fun prints including Batman, pine trees, watermelons, lightning bolts and more.


Cotton Pines Baby products start from RM59, and are available on Instagram and

Image credit: Cotton Pines Baby.


We’re sure that most parents have experienced driving home after a kid’s birthday party, and you’ve had to refrain your little one from opening his/her party favour because you’re afraid that a mini blow-horn or party popper will sound or explode everywhere. Here’s a list of useful party favours (and a kind reminder) for parents who are planning a birthday party for their child’s special party.

  • Colouring books: These books are always a plus for parents. It’s a great way for kids to play and understand colours all the more. It also makes a good time-passer to keep the kids busy when mum is busy cooking and cleaning.
  • Finger puppets: This is a great gift for kids to encourage interactive play. Whether it’s a bedtime story, wake-up call or a play date, these little puppets come in handy in a variety of ways. IKEA Malaysia has a set of 10 for RM19.90.
  • Stickers, pencils, and erasers: Even in this day and age, we still love stationery. Cute and funky colour pencils, a watercolour palette, notebooks – these are things both children and parents would appreciate for school and home.
  • Temporary tattoos: These cool tattoos will be everyone’s favorite! Gotta love them!
  • Toys: One of the easiest and most obvious party favour would be toys. Toy vehicles, little dolls, and stuffed animals are memorable keepers.
  • Affordable storybooks: We are big fans of the Mr. Men & Little Miss books by Roger Hargreaves. They have the cutest and most innovative stories that really hit home.
  • Comic Books: From superheroes to villains, there’s not a visual in a comic book that won’t boost your little one’s imagination and let it run wild. So, if you’re driving home from the party and your child is quiet, either they’ve fallen asleep from all that activity… or are engrossed in the book!
  • An At-Home DIY Activity: It’s always nice to receive a box of DIY crafts. This is another favour that can be saved for a play date or just another way for you and your little one to kill time while allowing them to get their creative juices flowing.

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