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Sewing and crafting can be an excellent way for parents to bond with their children. The timeless pastime comes in a variety of activities, such as doing hand embroidery, cross-stitching, simple sewing projects and even fabric painting. While it does take practice, it is relatively easy to teach basic skills to children once they are good at following sequential instructions.

A community of modern sewists came together over Instagram, subsequently working together to organise the the first Modern Sewing Market in 2017. On 28 April 2018, team makchic checked out this year’s market in Passion 3 Petaling Jaya!

First Of Its Kind

The Modern Sewing Market aims to celebrate the sewing and crafting community in Malaysia. The one-day event brings sewing and crafting entrepreneurs, hobbyist and instructors together, allowing them to exchange ideas, gifts and expand their network.

This year’s offering saw booths selling a variety of beautiful and rare fabrics like African cotton and Kimono silks. There was also a myriad of workshops designed for beginners such as a fabric painting and learning Shibori tie-dye. There was of course, lessons on embroidery, patchwork, basic sewing and also cross-stitch for kids!

Workshops for children

Children were enrolled into the basic sewing and cross-stitch workshop. Dedicated instructors taught them basic skills to make a simple tote-bag and mini cross-stitch project.

Mummies were able to learn more sewing and crafting skills at other workshops too. They were also able to acquire beautiful fabrics for future projects at the market!

Congratulations to the organising team of Modern Sewing Market 2018. We had a splendid time at the event and we look forward to a more exciting round next year! To get updates on next year’s Modern Sewing Market and more, check out their website here.

Photo credit: @modernsewists on Instagram and author’s own photos

Dino-loving kids, you’re in for a treat. A brand new interactive and dinosaur-themed educational centre was recently launched at the Gardens Mall in conjunction with Earth Day 2018. Team makchic was at the launch of Jurassica, a place you may want to take your kids to next!

Jurassica takes their young visitors, also nicknamed Earth Cadets,  through a mesmerising time-vortex. It sends them back to million years ago, where dinosaurs roam free in a neon-splattered prehistoric setup. Their mission is to advocate for ecological conservation, and educate society about Planet Earth’s environmental plight.

An immersive and interactive experience

Here, visitors get their own personal tag to check-in at every activity and dinosaur encounter. The activities include interaction with lifesized animatronic dinosaurs,  RFID Scavenger hunt and a data and sample collection. There is also a zip line, a three-storey play zone and an exotic animal exhibition to thrill young explorers.

The points collected during every check-in will enable kids to redeem fabulous gifts at the check-out counter!

To date, Jurassica has collaborated successfully with various organisations such as The Malaysian Nature Society and the World Wildlife Fund. They have come together for meaningful projects to advocate for Earth conversation and promote a love for nature. The centre is looking forward to more collaborations in the future, which will definitely add to its array of exciting activities.

Besides permanent exhibitions, there is also a line up of educational activities and workshop prepared for 2018. Among these are recycling programs, a Pitcher Plant Workshop, Young Geologist, and a Hornbill Workshop and Tour.

Earth conservation campaigns

Showing that they can walk the walk, Jurassica has recently launched a few campaigns to contribute to environmental causes. One is the ‘Save our Planet Program with Hi-5’, the popular preschool edutainment pop group from Australia.  In this campaign, the group has become the official ambassadors of the program, in hopes of spreading the message of planet conservation to a global audience. 10% of any Hi-5 merchandise sales at Jurassica will also go towards planet conservation.

To encourage more people to recycle plastic, another campaign named the ‘Unplastic Program’ has also been launched this year. From 18 April 2018 to end of December 2018, visitors may redeem one free ticket whenever they bring in 30 plastic bottles to be recycled at Jurassica.

Visit Jurassica’s social media and website for more information:



I was once a rebellious teenager who chose to be different in expressing my ideas. However, I must say that there was also a hormonal, sappy part of me that secretly enjoyed hopelessly romantic love songs. A chunk of my playlist was dominated by Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza’s songs.

In retrospect, I practically went through my teens with Siti Nurhaliza’s songs, which naturally made her one of my favourite Malaysian singers of all time. Even as a mom, every now and then you’ll catch me karaoke-ing to her songs while doing house chores, much to my kid’s annoyance.

So yes, it must be clear that I have Malaysia’s beloved songbird close to my heart. But it isn’t only me. Siti Nurhaliza has touched many lives through her beautiful songs and melodious voice. She has become a national treasure, one to be cherished for her contributions to Malaysia’s music industry. Malaysia’s sweetheart is an inspiring icon who came from humble beginnings and rose to fame with her pure talent.

Journey through infertility and TTC

In 2006, Siti Nurhaliza tied the knot with renowned businessman Datuk Seri Khalid Mohammad Jiwa, better known as Datuk K. Her decision to marry an older and divorced man caused some uproar among fans and followers, and there was much scrutiny into her personal life.

Nevertheless, the marriage stood strong. The couple found themselves on a TTC (trying-to-conceive) journey for a grueling 11 years. Year after year, Siti Nurhaliza’s struggles with infertility became even more apparent as time went by. Being under the spotlight must have been challenging during this time, especially with so many curious, prying eyes on her.

Even during such a challenging period of her life, the soft-spoken star never lost her grip and faith. She spoke of her infertility issues openly, admitting that she had been going for fertility treatments. She talked about facing the challenges she had to go through with a strong heart and mind.

The singer became the face and voice of the struggles with infertility, a topic that was still largely taboo in Malaysian society.

In 2015, there was a spark of hope when fans heard about her being pregnant. Sadly however, Siti Nurhaliza then shared devastating news that she suffered a miscarriage two months into her pregnancy. She then carried on with her TTC journey and moved on to a 3rd attempt at In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Good news and the nation rejoices

In October 2017, the good news everyone was hoping for finally arrived. Siti Nurhaliza called for an exclusive press conference to break the news – she calmly announced that she was 4 months pregnant. There had been plenty of speculation as her professional gigs had dwindled months prior to the announcement.

In the press conference, she admitted that her baby was conceived through IVF. The 38-year-old stated that it was the most viable option for her as age was catching up on her and she could not risk waiting any longer. Finally, Malaysia’s Number One singer received the ultimate award she had been waiting for – the chance to become a mother.

The months that came after the announcement went by like a breeze. After 9 months and a very cautious and healthy pregnancy, Siti gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on 19 March 2018 via Caesarian section.

Datuk Siti Nurhaliza and Datuk K watching over Siti Aafiyah . Photo source: @ctdk (Instagram)

After years of struggle, Siti Nurhaliza has now become a mother, and the nation rejoices. Malaysia’s sweetheart has her own little sweetheart, and she is aptly named Siti Aafiyah, which translates to “health and strength”. They were words that her mother never ceased to mention in prayers throughout her pregnancy.

A symbol of hope

Looking beyond the celebration of Siti Aafiyah, Siti Nurhaliza’s journey in TTC and infertility has become a symbol of hope for many couples who are struggling and trying for a child of their own. Her openness about her journey and willingness to share her struggles has given a new voice to the TTC community. She has helped raise awareness about the realities of infertility.

“There’s no shame in admitting it. Many have been through what I have experienced. Some waited even longer. I want to share my experience with them,” she once said during a session with the media.

Her experience has also inspired her to open a fertility center under Yayasan Nur Jiwa, which will provide affordable fertility treatments to hopeful couples. The center is now being built and due to be launched early next year.


A heartfelt congratulations to Datuk Siti Nurhaliza and Datuk Seri Khalid Mohamad Jiwa on the arrival of Siti Aafiyah, from us at makchic! May there be an abundance of happiness and love around her always. 


Photos: Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza