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How were babies ‘worn’ by their mothers during the old days? I am sure many of us have seen or heard of the kain batik which was hung around one shoulder or the back, with a baby snugly tuck in. There are still some people who practise this until today, of course.

Nowadays however, there are so many types of babywearing options available to us and I am sure it’s pretty confusing for parents. Which is the right one to use? During the Moby & Petunia Pickle Bottom media gathering recently, babywearing consultant Dr Izam Suzaini said it did not matter which one parents selected, as long as they followed the ‘TICKS’ rule.

The babywearing TICKS rule is:

  • T is for ‘Tight’ : Slings and  carriers should be tight enough to hug your baby close to you, as this will be most comfortable for you both.
  • I is for ‘In View at All Times
  • C is for ‘Close Enough to Kiss’
  • K is for ‘Keep Baby’s Chin Off the Chest’
  • S is for ‘Supported Back’
Picture credit: UK Sling Consortium

Above it all, babywearing is better for baby, mummy and also daddy, Dr Izam said. When parents carry their babies often, they cry less and are calmer. Babywearing is also great for parents, especially if they do not have help and need to do house chores, go out alone or have other children to take care of.

Beautiful, comfy carriers

Moby introduced 5 new selections in their latest Fall Collection. The collection was inspired by the colours of autumn – the tones of Apple Blossom, Rich Caramel, Warm Creams, Flannel Grey and deep hues of blue with touches of floral, stripes and wovens.  It’s been awhile since I saw so many pretty baby carriers!

The collection showcased the Moby Hip Seat, Moby Sling, Moby Wrap, Moby Fit and Moby Carrier. All the baby carriers come in either cotton material or viscose from bamboo and a mixture of both. It’s soft and breathable too. And don’t fret – the carriers are also machine washable. The baby carriers in the Fall Collection are suitable for newborns right up to toddler stage, but it’s really up to your own personal preference should you want to change carriers as your baby grows.

The Moby Sling – RM249
Moby Fit – RM329
The Moby Wrap – RM239 – RM299

Besides the babywearing, we also got to see the latest Petunia Diaper Bag collection. Not only was the material super nice to touch and feel, it was good to know they are also immensely wipeable. Great for when food or milk-related accidents happen! The bags are also water resistant. The Petunia Diaper Bag also comes with an attached changing pad. Some of the bags even have space for breast pumps and an insulated section for milk – so convenient for breastfeeding mums!

The collection showcased the Method Back Pack, Balance Back Pack, Downtown Tote, Boxy Backpack, Inter-mix Backpack, Axis Backpack, City Carryall and the Crossover Clutch.  I super loved almost all of it. Not only were they stylish, you can also use most of the bags even after you’ve used it for your baby’s things

Downtown Tote – RM470 – RM499
Boxy Backpack – RM602 – RM697


Method Back Pack – RM499 

Moby and Petunia are available at Baby Stork at Permaisuri Imperial City Mall, Miri, First Few Years at The Curve, Happikiddo at The Gardens Mall, Publika Shopping Gallery, Citta Mall, Avenue K, KL Gateway & D’pulze Mall, Jumping Baby Jacks at Boulevard 10, Mothercare @ KLCC and Mums & Babies at Taman Daya, Johor Bahru.

It’s been more than 2 years since I had my first child. As an active person, I longed to get back to exercising regularly. However, when you have a toddler and no full time help, it’s easier said than done.

This is why I was thrilled to discover B Studios – a gym where my little tot could toddle along.

The Dream Gym

My son, Isa joining me for my workout

B studios is located in Bangsar and has a play area where children can keep busy while mama works out.

Occasionally my son would come unto the workout floor and join us,  but at this child-friendly gym, that’s ok too.

A Gym for Mothers, by Mothers

From left to right: Nadia, Yunny and Shin Loh, the founders of B Studios

B Studios was founded by three hot mamas, Shin Loh, Yunny Gan and Nadia Azahari.  The friends have a shared passion for fitness and loved working out even before they became mothers.

However, when they were pregnant they realised there were limited safe fitness options for pregnant women.

“After we gave birth, we realised that getting back into shape post pregnancy had even more challenges. One of them was the mom-guilt over leaving your child at home whilst you went to the gym”, shared Shin.

Thus B Studios was conceptualised. The dream was to offer safe workout options for pregnant women as well as a child-friendly place for mothers interested in fitness.

Becoming Certified Trainers

B Studios offers safe options for pregnant women

The three underwent 3 months of full-day weekend classes to be certified as trainers under the American Council of Exercise (ACE).  Then they went for further accreditation for pre- and post-natal certifications.

“Some of us were still ‘breastfeeding’ our little ones then, so lunch breaks were spent pumping (breastmilk),”  Shin recalls.

Garnering a Following

Before deciding on the location of B Studios, Shin and her partners ran outdoor workout sessions for moms at the Taman Tun Dr. Ismail park. Here, they developed a small following which they now call the ‘Mama B Tribe’.

“We’d be lying if we didn’t say it’s been challenging! But it’s also been really rewarding watching our little ‘baby’ materialise from what started off as a small idea. Like all mothers, juggling family, fitness and career is never easy. It’s a learning process that we’re still trying to perfect every day,” said Shin.

Fitness for Pregnant Women and Beyond

B Studios offers fitness for moms at different stages: whether pregnant, recovering post partum or wanting to stay fit beyond.

The flow chart above details their workout options as well as how to chose the right programme for one’s needs.

The packages at B Studios range from 4 to 40 classes and each package can be shared between 4 people (you and three of your friends). Four friends can buy a package together and work out together – now isn’t that great?

Additionally, when you buy a package, you’ll enjoy discounts at many of their partner businesses which include baby businesses and F&B outlets.

A New Vision – Building a Community

Shin says in addition to fitness, the trainers also want to build a strong community within their studio. They hope to encourage and empower their Mama B Tribe not just through fitness, but by enabling their community of women to have a place to share and also learn.

Which is why they are collaborating with the likes of parenting coach Rachel Kwacz to offer a safe space for women to share, learn and also meet other mothers.

Baby changing area

What are you waiting for mummies?

Find out more about B Studios  at or follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Mums usually have so much on their To-Do list and hardly any time to pamper themselves. ‘Why can’t there be more services that come to me at home?’ you say. Ah, ask and you shall receive! We have compiled a list of these services so that all mothers can treat themselves whenever they want. Remember to take care of you, mamas!

1) Nails On Wheels

Just like what the name says, this service takes care of all your manicure and pedicure needs. We believe in their acronym aka we need some pretty nails right NOW. 

Speciality: Manicures and Pedicures

Price range: From RM80 above (they offer packages too)


Contact details:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +6012.689.9293

2) Javanese Heritage Spa

Ever wanted your own spa setup in your home – with the scents, the massage table and the whole works? You can have that with Javanese Heritage Spa. Even their booking system on their website is really easy to use and convenient. You are able to see the open slots for booking purposes and the name of your masseuse. With just a few clicks, you are all set.

Speciality: Massage

Price Range: RM130 – RM170


Contact details:

3) Lisda Home Spa

For those looking for a good ol’ traditional Malay massage, this is the pick for you. Not only do they provide a variety of massages, they also offer cupping therapy (bekam), tangkas and confinement spa.

Speciality: Traditional Malay massage

Price Range: RM25 – RM499


Contact details: +60 13-681 1071 (WhatsApp)

4) Hairkunsthaus

Mums, I know our hair is our crowning glory and with busy schedules, we usually just tie it up in a bun right? Here are the experts when it comes to saving our bad hair days, all you need to do is give them a call! They will send a professional hairdresser right to your doors

Speciality: Hair

Price range: call to enquire


Contact details: Dial for Style 03-77105585

5) FootLoose Mobile Spa

When mums are stressed, tired and sleep deprived, it will show on our faces. The FootLoose Mobile Spa promises to bring your face back to life with the selections of facials. They also offer other services too – you could even organise a mums’ spa party!

Speciality: Facial & Massages

Price range: RM140 – RM160


Contact details: 017-655 3139

6) Henna Services

Besides your usual manicure and pedicures, there is also the art of ‘decorating’ various parts of your body with henna. Or, you could just do your hands. Mummies can choose from Moroccan, Indian to modern designs such as tribal or animals for henna tattoos.

Speciality: Henna tattoos

Price range: RM270 onwards


Contact details:

7) The Brazilian Wax Co

Feeling fuzzier than usual, mums? No time to get out and get some hair waxed? Well, this mobile company is the one you should call – they even cater to pregnant women too.

Speciality: Waxing

Price range: RM29 – RM199


Contact details:

Call: 012 277 0909

Email: [email protected]

8) Beauty At Your Doorstep

Going on a date with your husband, attending a wedding or an event? If you’re a mum who isn’t sure how to contour, differentiate between brushes, or just fancy someone dolling you up, you can try this make-up and beauty service provider that comes to your home. They also do hair, nails and henna.

Speciality: Beauty services

Price range: call to enquire


Contact details:

Call: 017 311 3972

Email: [email protected]/ [email protected]

9) Effortless

These professional beauticians will drive up to your home to cater to your beauty needs. They will also provide you with 14-30 days follow-up service should you have any dissatisfaction. From eyebrow, lip and eyeliner embroidery to eyelash extensions, they have got it covered. Less time doing eyebrows, lips or eyelashes, and more time for other activities, mummies?

Speciality: Embroidery and Eyelash Extension

Price range: RM168 – RM580


Contact details:

10) Pro MakeUp Artist Malaysia

Getting all glammed up with make up and hair at home before that big date night? Or getting ready for a photoshoot with the family? Pro MakeUp Artist Malaysia offers make-up, hair-styling and nail services right in the comfort of your own home.

Speciality: Make up and photography

Price range: available on their website


Contact details:


Photo credit:  Nails on Wheels, Javanese Heritage Spa, Lisda Home Spa, Hairkunsthaus, Footloose Mobile Spa,  The Brazilian Wax Co, Henna Services, Beauty at Your Doorstep, Effortless, Pro MakeUp Artist Malaysia.

Know of any other mobile services? Think you should be on this list?

Write to us at [email protected] today!