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She wears many hats in the media industry and is a burst of sunshine wherever she goes. A mother of one, a television host, emcee, actress, and co-founder of lifestyle site,; Megan’s on a roll and making the world her oyster.

She recently sat with makchic and chatted with us about her fashion influences, secrets to bouncing back to her pre-pregnancy body, and her adorable son.

Megan at work

Hi Megan! Could you describe your personal style, and who are your influences?

I would say I am simple, chic, and classy. I’ve always adored Blake Lively and of course, Victoria Beckham’s style.

Any favourite designers on your radar?

I am very much a high street fashion kind of person, so I don’t really have a favourite designer.

Mama OOTD on point!

You dressed your bump well during your pregnancy! What were some of your go-to brands while you were pregnant? Any recommendations?

Believe it or not, even when I was pregnant, I stuck to the usual brands I love like Zara and H&M. But of course, I was very picky when it came to choosing the material to ensure that they were comfortable enough and could stretch with me as my belly grew! (laughs) Also, I would still wear fitted clothes because why not? I was all about flaunting that bump!

What do you miss about being pregnant?

Styling the bump and the pregnancy perks like people giving up their seats, or allowing you to jump the queue (grins).

What are your most treasured things in your wardrobe and why?

At the moment, they’re my bra tops and seamless bras! It’s because I’m still breastfeeding and really, they’re so comfy and convenient. On a more serious note though, I would say the pieces that I managed to nab during the H&M x Balmain collection launch which I queued overnight for in 2015. Yup, I slept along the streets of KL for that collection!

Name us three things on your fashion wish list now?

A sleek pair of white heels (they’re so hard to find), off-shoulder tops, and headbands.

Any style tips for mummies out there?

Embrace your new curves and stay true to your personal sense of style. Although you may need to make some adjustments due to time constraints to get ready or the need to be breastfeeding-friendly, I must say never get lazy but get creative instead!

Give us a pro-tip on beauty that you swear by:

I would never ever go to sleep with my makeup on no matter how tired I am. I always remove my makeup with an emulsifying cleansing oil before washing my face with a cleanser. This way, my face is cleansed thoroughly compared to using facial wipes.

Megan and Miles during a family holiday in New Zealand

Can you tell us more about your adorable son, Miles? 

Miles is a year old and I can’t believe how time flies. He truly is such a pure and joyful soul, not forgetting a social baby! (laughs) I’ve learned to be more patient and never to underestimate a baby. They observe and absorb more than we know. They may not speak just yet but they definitely vibe off you and feel deeply; because of that, I’ve learned to be more positive, patient, and kinder in hopes that he feeds off the right kind of energy from me.

Top three travel tips for travelling with a baby?

Make sure your diaper bag is well-equipped with all the necessities including your child’s favourite snacks and toys. Invest in a good baby carrier so you can be hands-free and it’s great for helping the baby fall asleep on-the-go. Keep a positive mind and vibe throughout and whatever happens, stay calm and don’t panic.

Squeezing in a workout session like a pro!

What’s your secret to bouncing back to your pre-pregnancy body?

Honestly, I’ve been eating everything and anything I want. Before you start throwing hate comments at me, it’s because I am still breastfeeding so I like to think I can afford the calories. I’m also blessed with a relatively high metabolic rate (for now) which is probably due to my genetics. But of course, I do put in some work as well. I work out in my room whenever I can. I squeeze in a short five to 10 minutes workout, following a YouTube workout video and if I have more time, I will go for a ‘Fight HIIT’ session at FlyProject.

Your top three places in KL for a family day out:

Aquaria KLCC, Farm In The City, and Pavilion KL

Best advice for new mums:

There’s no right formula to be the perfect mum. Just do you and what you feel is best for your child. In short, follow your instinct.

Credits: All photos taken from @themegantan

With the Lunar New Year just around the corner, it’s time to look for that new outfit to wow your friends and family. This year, there are many collections to choose from, especially by our Malaysian fashion labels. Be it a traditional cheongsam, or feminine dresses with accents like a mandarin collar or fun oriental motifs, here are some options for you.

Innai Red

Inspired by Penang’s heritage, Innai Red introduces an elegant collection using luxe fabrics such as brocade, taffeta, organza, charmeuse silk, and French lace.  This season features beautiful beadwork paired with their signature ruffles. The collection is perfect for those who want some ‘oommph’ to their outfit whilst wearing minimal accessories.

Innaired 2

Innaired 1


Fans of bright and bold colours will appreciate RoaSkye’s collection. In line with the brand’s identity, the cheongsam prints are quirky and fun. Pair one up with black mules or silver slip-ons for a tasteful pulled-together look.

RoaSkye 1


One can always count on Doublewoot for some awesome finds when it comes to frocks and jumpsuits. The ‘Oriental Essence’ collection is romantic, girlie, and sweet; inspired by contemporary and classic designs full of soft fabrics and delicate lace. The pieces can double up as day-to-night wear, which is great for a full day of visiting open houses to hosting guests at yours!

Doublewoot 1

Doublewoot 2

Melinda Looi RTW

Known for her statement pieces that are often eclectic and glamorous, Melinda Looi’s oriental collection does not disappoint. Inspired by Malaysian Chinese Folk Art, one is sure to stand-out in an original piece that screams contemporary chic. Don’t forget to accessorise with the one-of-a-kind mahjong series bag or silk scarf also from the label.

Melinda Looi RTW Samfu

Duchess  & Co

It’s all about asymmetrical hemlines and peekaboo lace for Duchess & Co. Asymmetrical hemlines give an overall elegant impression plus the illusion of a taller self. Choose something timeless yet modern from the collection, like a long lace pastel cheongsam or fire-red cold shoulder cheongsam.

Duchess and Co 1

Duchess and Co 4


Lovers of A-line and midi flare dresses will love what Whitesoot has got in store. Themed ‘Shanghai Jazz Night’, the lunar new year collection comprises of vintage styled dresses including matching ones for your mini-me. Affordable old school charm, what’s not to love?

Whitesoot 2

Whitesoot 3

Khoon Hooi

Rock that OOTD (outfit of the day) shot with a bespoke cheongsam by Khoon Hooi. The ‘Garden Blossom’ collection will surely turn heads with beautiful beadwork combined with rich textiles and embroidery. Dramatic sleeves also give the pieces an edge without making the wearer look OTT (over the top).

Khoon Hooi 3

Khoon Hooi 1

Afiq M.

Afiq M. plays up the cheongsam with a cold shoulder and draped sleeves to give it some subtle sexiness and sophistication. The modern take on a traditional favourite will command attention and is classic enough to be worn more than once. 


Nala Designs

Their much-loved signature patterns are turned into lovely bespoke cheongsams and mandarin collared dresses to fit the festive season. Each Nala Designs piece goes for RM588 and orders are to be collected two weeks upon purchase. You can also get a tailored shirt in the same pattern made for your other half too!

Nala Designs 1

Tag us in your CNY snaps at #makchicCNY, we’d love to see your outfits!

Photos are taken from the respective brand’s website and Instagram pages. For more details and prices, contact the online stores and boutiques.

She’s a mother of two, an RYT 500 Traditional Yoga Instructor, a mall manager and co-founder of Sereni & Shentel – the homegrown brand for lux hair accessories.

With all these responsibilities on her shoulders  Sereni Linggi still manages to exude positive energy and appear lively and super stylish no matter where she’s seen. Indeed she is an inspiration.

In this Question & Answer session, Sereni reveals her OOTD (Outfit of the Day) choices and how her children motivate her. She also shares some fashion tips and her best advice on parenting.

Q: We adore how you always look so pulled together. Tell us about your personal style and who are your influences?

A: My mantra every morning when I’m picking an outfit is: ‘try not to look like a tai tai aunty please.’ I’m terrified of looking like an extra from the Phua Chu Kang  series. These days I live in my white Muji slip-on sneakers or if I am feeling a little dressy I will wear a pair of mules.

I’m generally quite minimal in terms of style, which is the polar opposite of my brand, Sereni & Shentel. Sometimes, I shock the world by wearing a crazy print by Roa Skye but as a whole, I like the ‘undone look’ vibe. I aspire to be Eva Chen and Aimee Song but always end up looking like a tragic Asian J.Lo wannabe!

Sereni & her husband – she wears a Roa Skye dress, Bowerhaus earrings and a Penan Women Project clutch.

Q: Who are your favourite designers right now?

A: I usually wear two brands: Roa Skye for colour and COS for basics. I love Johanna Ortiz too – she understands what women want with the right amount of sexiness. Unfortunately, I can’t afford her pieces but she is definitely on my fashion wish list for when I win the lottery.

Q: You managed to pull off some chic maternity looks while sporting your bump(s)! What were some of your go-to brands during your pregnancy?

A: COS. Their pieces work during and post pregnancy. I still use a lot of COS right now and can’t walk pass a their store without buying something. When I was pregnant I didn’t wear any maternity labels. I never tried to hide my belly and believe me it was H-U-G-E for both pregnancies.

Q: What are the most treasured things in your wardrobe and why?

A: My late mum’s vintage bags and her Nyonya kebayas. They remind me of her and are classic pieces which I can hand down to my daughters.


On Sereni’s fashion wish list: Bowerhaus ‘Castaway’ necklace

Q: Name the top three things on your fashion wish list now?

A: Fake hair extensions, a Bowerhaus ‘Castaway’ necklace, and a pair of African print slip-on sneakers with a hidden platform that I can’t find but exists in my head.

Q: Could you share some key styling tips for mummies out there?

A: On a bad hair day, wear a Sereni & Shentel turban to add instant chicness to your outfit. Don’t wear white around your kids or when you’re eating laksa. Apart from that, there are no rules. Actually, wear whatever you want; life is short (laughs)!

Q: If you could host a dream dinner party, who would be on your guest list?

A: The head of wardrobe for Universal Studios, the cast of Little Britain, and Shentel.

Sereni and her BFF Shentel

Q: What are some beauty tips you swear by?

A: I wear sunscreen everyday and swear by Dermalogica products. I’ve been using the brand for 20 years. I try not to overload my skin by keeping it simple through cleansing and moisturising. No face masks or serums. I don’t even use eye cream even though I probably should!

I’m not concerned with ageing, it’s a part of life. The best tips I can give when it comes to beauty is to sleep well, eat fresh and organic as much as you can, do yoga, and laugh lots. 

Q: You have two lovely daughters, Calla and Skye. Tell us what have you learned from raising them?

A: My daughters are three and five-years-old respectively but they act like they are 60. They are confident in their life and style choices. They have taught me to be more patient and more accepting of situations.


Halloween 2017: Sereni and her daughters about to go trick-o-treatin’!

Q: How did you encourage your children to enjoy a healthy diet?

A: I rarely take my kids out to eat and I never buy junk food for them. They have never been to any fast food chains. It’s easy; don’t bring junk back and they won’t have access to it. If they have them at parties then at least they only have it occasionally and not all the time.

Q: Top three places for a fun day out with your children in your hometown, Kuching, Sarawak.

A: Wonderboom at Green Heights Mall, Cove 55, and Lima Tujoh on China Street.

Q: You’re such a fit mum! What’s your secret?

A: Eat fresh as much as you can and prepare your own meals. I don’t really enjoy eating out as there’s too much salt and monosodium glutamate (MSG) in most food. Personally, I don’t think I’m fit but teaching yoga, working full time, and taking care of the family does keep me active.   

Q: What is your best advice for new mums?

A: Do introduce solids at six months (no earlier than that) and feed your little one healthy fresh foods at the earliest stage. Make sure your kids drink plenty of water and stick to a routine as much as you can.

There’s nothing worse than a hungry and tired child. Put them to bed early so that they have plenty of rest and you have time for yourself to wind down.


Credits: Photos are courtesy of Sereni Linggi