Adorable Kids’ Hari Raya Outfits for 2019

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Time flies and before you know it Hari Raya will be upon us. We’ve compiled a list of cute collections for your kids to rock this Hari Raya:


Aere’s Raya 2019 collection is called “Bliss”. The idea behind the theme is all about being in the moment of pure happiness with your loved ones and creating lasting memories. Aere has a collection suited for the whole family – for mummies, daddies and the kids. Pastel colours, loose fitting and flowy designs can be seen in this year’s collection.

LEENA Duo (RM299) and Mini Duo in White (RM189) and MATEO Duo (RM299) and Mini Duo in Blush (RM189)
LAELY Duo (RM349) and Mini Duo in White (RM189)


This year, Kecheek has four collections for Hari Raya namely KecheekRhu, KecheekAmynah, KecheekAwang and KecheekJubah. Outfits are cute and comfortable and come in an assortment of colours. Matching sampins are available for the boys too.

Website: https://www.kecheek.com

Baju Melayu starts from RM100
Baju Kurung starts from RM120


If you love a touch of brocade and checkered for your little ones or for the whole family then Adrianna Yariqa is your go to this Raya!

Website: https://www.adriannayariqa.com

#AYLEBARAN2019 Nude Sets (RM152.25 – RM395.86)
#AYLEBARAN2019 Light Blue Brocade Sets (RM182.08 – RM424.86)


This year Pokok Kids introduces 4 collections – The CERITA, KITA, TENANG, TALI and PULAU Collection. Each theme represents an element related to Hari Raya. CERITA represents the stories we share or make with our families, KITA is all about being together and doing things together, TENANG is how our family members make us feel as a support system, TALI is the bond we all have with one another and PULAU is the act of going back to our hometowns. Should you want something basic, you can pick designs from CERITA, TENANG and TALI. If you’re looking for colourful and abstract designs, KITA and PULAU will be the collection for you.

Website: https://pokoks.com

The Pulau Short Sleeve Batik Set – Sentosa with Almond Brown (RM135.50) & The Pulau Pair Pockets Baju Kurung – Khaki with Sentosa (RM135.50)
The KITA Mini Kurti Baju Kurung – Sailors Print (RM135.50)


Inspired by the beautiful and magical sakura season in Kyoto and the classic wave design found in ancient Japanese paintings,  Kooshboo brings to you exclusive prints for this new collection. Designed for the nature-loving family who likes the idea of looking effortlessly chic and just the right amount of ‘matchy-matchy’.

Website: https://kooshboo.com

Yumi Set (in Pink) @ RM299
Kaito Set (in Blue) @ RM229


Are you ready for four Raya collections from Poplook? If you’re looking for something simple yet super pretty and sweet for you and your daughter to match this Raya, check out the Azure, Petals, Aurora and Harvest collection.

Website: https://poplook.com/

The Harvest Collection


Something bold, something colourful and something different can be seen in the Three Little Ahmads’ Raya collection.  With patterned materials and colour blocking style, your little ones will definitely stand out this Raya.

Website: https://threelittleahmads.com


For something traditional with a little modern touch to your Raya wear, D’yana has some pretty sweet outfits to wear with your daughter(s).

Website: https://www.dyana.com.my



With Aimée Kalea, everyday is summer! Each Aimée Kalea piece is crafted with care by experts, from design, production by batik artisans to tailoring by experienced tailors and seamstresses. Pieces are made in small amounts to ensure quality and exclusivity.


Leelo Kids‘ collection showcases cute prints in natural colours, specially tailored to suit children’s active and energetic nature. If you like to dress your daughters in modern baju kurung and baju Kedah, this will definitely suit them.

Website: https://www.leelokids.com


For babies to toddlers, here is a brand which is suitable for those with sensitive skin as Eunoia Kids uses only breathable fabric. Their designs are really cute yet simple. Just imagine your babies in some of these outfits. Adorable!

Baju Kurung Elyf (RM109)


For the love of authentic kimonos and fabric, Asphodel’s Studio’s 2019 Raya collection is really unique. The pieces are comfortable and practical for children to move around in. It also includes baby romper sewn from breathable Italian cotton.

Kimono Kurung (RM149)
Kimono Kurung (RM299)


Bebebundo is the first in Malaysia to make footwear for babies and toddlers from locally- handcrafted genuine leather.  And, they have also branched out to designing Raya wear for babies, toddlers and kids. This year, their collaboration features the brand Soefira.

Website: http://www.bebebundo.com

Ombak Brown / Gelora Koko (RM99 – RM109)
Kesuma – price starts from RM 119


Cipta has something traditional, modern, contemporary and even floral for your little ones.  Their collection comprises of Jauhar, Jardin, LUXE, Eidclusive Contemporary and Batik Asmara.

Website: https://www.cipta.my

Ayu Kurung (RM169)
Ariel Kurung (RM179)

15. Petit Moi

If you like your kids to be dressed in chic, timeless pieces with a French flair, Petit Moi would be your go-to brand. Their collection is sweet and simple, made of breezy cotton linen. There are matching pieces for mum and dad too!

Website: https://petitmoi-shop.com

Toha in Checkered Grey (RM169)
Nafeesa in Blue (RM179)

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