4 Tips for You and Your Little Ones for Their First Day at School

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Any parent would be overjoyed when it comes to their kids’ first day in school. It’s a surreal feeling, seeing your little ones who were once barely able to say ‘mama’, getting smarter and now all ready to go to school.

But in the midst of all that excitement, parents can’t help but feel nervous too! The kids aren’t the only ones who have to be prepared for school – mom and dad also have to make their own preparations so things won’t go haywire on the first day.

Here’s a handy checklist to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Pediasure for childs first day at school

  1. 8 weeks before – do a quick growth test
  • Check if your child’s growth is within the normal range before she starts pre-school. Refer to a paediatrician if something is amiss. Here is a handy tool to check your child’s growth
  • The most important growth period for children is from the day they are born until 5 years of age. During this period, changes occur in weight, height, size, frame, bones, and teeth.
  • Most children who are going to start pre-school would already be skilled at controlling the important muscles, have a good sense of balance, with good gross and fine motor skills.
  • They can run, jump, climb, dance, catch balls, handle buttons and zippers, tie shoelaces, hold pencils, and use a fork and spoon correctly with supervision.
  • Encourage children by telling them about how much they will enjoy school. Talk about the fun of making new friends, doing things together, and so on.
  • Establish a routine of going to bed early if they’re not already used to it. This is to avoid crankiness from the lack of sleep.
  • Slowly wean them off the milk bottle, and start teaching them how to drink from the cup so they won’t encounter problems at school.
  • Teach them to be independent with basic activities like going to the washroom, wearing clothes, and eating. Explain to them that all children at school have to know how to take care of themselves.
  • Slowly separate them from things they always hold onto like dolls or favourite pillows.
  • Teach your child to remember basic information such as her name, home address, her parents’ names and phone numbers should there be an emergency.

Pediasure for childs first day at school

  1. Two weeks before
  • Pay a visit to your chosen preschool with your children during the open day. Introduce the kids to their classroom teacher so they will feel at ease during the first day of school.
  • Let them get a glimpse of the school environment and give them time to look around the area.
  • Take them stationery shopping. Let them choose their own school supplies, so they will be excited to go to school!
  • Sometimes it’s difficult to ensure that they are getting adequate daily nutrition, so make sure you fill that gap with complete nutritional supplement such as Pediasure.
  • Let the teachers know if your kids have any allergies.

Pediasure for childs first day at school

  1. Two days before
  • Make sure the kids have their bags and all their school supplies ready.
  • Make sure they sleep and wake up early so they won’t be cranky at school.
  • Plan a healthy menu for breakfast especially if they are picky eaters.

Pediasure for childs first day at school

  1. First day at the pre-school
  • Wake them up with enthusiastic smiles and excitement!
  • Prepare a healthy breakfast as it is crucial that they have enough energy to last through school.
  • Take a day off to send them off during the first day at school. Your little ones might not be ready to be left alone right away, so you might have to wait a little for them to get used to the environment.
  • Give them words of encouragement and compliments so they won’t make a fuss when you leave. Explain to them that you will come back to pick them up when school ends.


Why is it important to prepare a healthy meal for school-going kids?

When your kids start going to school, one important factor that you have to pay attention to is their healthy eating. Complete nutrition plays a big role in shaping your child’s intelligence. Complete nutrition also helps them achieve optimal mental and physical growth. Without these, even simple tasks can be challenging for kids.

This is important so that children remain active and participative at school. Prepare nutritious meals for them so they will be energetic for school. If they are picky eaters, find alternatives to ensure that they get their nutrition. Introduce complete nutritional supplement into their diet such as Pediasure to fill that gap.

Pediasure has been scientifically formulated to provide complete nutrition that supports optimal growth for kids aged 1 to 10. Pediasure adheres 100% to the US Dietary Reference Intakes (USDRI), containing the necessary proteins as well as 25 minerals and vitamins to support optimal growth and natural defense system.

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