16 Ramadan and Hari Raya Gifts and Hampers To Buy in 2021

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Searching for some Raya hampers and gifts to show loved ones you care? Look no further. Here is a list of some amazing treats and goodies for this Ramadan and Hari Raya. From the adorable to the grand, and the most delightfully packaged to the most community-minded gift sets, spread the word and joy!

Photo: UNBOX by Huff and Puff

1. UNBOX Raya 2021 – Jom Series

If you’re looking for gifts that will be a talking point, check out UNBOX by Huff and Puff’s offering this year.  The Jom Series for 2021 features delightful and reusable packaging of celebratory treats your giftees will remember. The Jom Balik Kampung! set is filled with traditional kampung flavours like Serunding Daging, Biskut Putu Kacang Hijau and others in a uniquely designed hand-sketched tiffin set. The Jom Masak-Masak set is a vintage wooden case filled with ingredients from Rencah by Chef Sherson Lian so that you can cook exclusive recipes for Ramadan.  The third set is the amazing Jom Berbuka! set that comes in a mini wooden cabinet is inspired by old-school kitchen pantries found in traditional kampung homes. Thoroughly special.

Price: The Jom Balik Kampung! set is RM139, the Jom Masak-Masak set is RM279 and the Jom Berbuka! is  RM389.

Photo: Okay by Tinker

2. Rasa Rasa Raya – Okay by Tinker

Take a look at these beauties. If you’re looking for a pretty little selection of local delights, Okay by Tinker‘s Rasa Rasa Raya box offers 6 different kuih-muih that are uniquely made and named.  From Kaya Tai Tai to Koko Lulu, and the Truffle Talam to the Nut Nana, this will be a box of quirky treats that will charm your friends and family.

Price: RM80 for 12 pieces of Exclusive Raya Flavours.

Photo: Batik Boutique

3. The Lepak Set – Batik Boutique

Bored with gifting only food items? If you want to pamper your loved ones with a gift that isn’t all about food, check out Batik Boutique‘s lovely Ramadan and Raya sets this year. Their Lepak Set includes shibori reusable face masks, a Batu Seremban traditional game set, bubble blowing glue and Pop Pop for the kids! What’s more, you’d be supporting local talent, as the handcrafted products are made by Malaysian artisans. Check out their other sets too, like the Borak Gift Set and the Sayang Set, featuring other charming products.

Price: The Lepak Set (RM189), the Sayang Set (RM229) and The Borak Gift Set (RM279).

Photo: Delectable by Su

4. Dulang Manisan Hamper – Delectable by Su

If you’re looking to make a big impression, this luxurious dulang manisan set will certainly tick the box. This limited edition hamper is suitable for a small afternoon tea party itself, with goodies like brownie squares, kuih lapis slices, French madeleines and dodol. There are also unexpected treats, like a batu seremban set and jars of rose and lavender tea leaves. Delectable by Su have somehow managed to cater to the local and international communities, all in one sweet hamper. Check out her other Ramadan gift sets too – there’s a variety of choices for different budgets.

Price: The Dulang Manisan Ramadhan is RM500.

Photo: Platter People

5. The Burgeon – Platter People

The Platter People make bespoke, artisanal platters and grazing tables, and for Ramadan this year they are serving an extra touch of luxury. With The Burgeon set and The Gold Chapter, they are offering delicious treats like baklavas, stuffed dates and bonbons in beautiful, luxe boxes with gold finishing. The boxes are individually handcrafted by an artisan, and the overall effect is pretty special.

Price: The Burgeon is RM250 and the Makmur is RM350.

Photo: Neia

6. Ramadhan/Eid ’21 Edition by Neia Kuala Lumpur

For good old chocolate that looks extra special, try Neia‘s beautifully handcrafted artisan chocolates. Each one is lovingly designed and crafted, and the overall presentation is artistic and impressive. Only available from April 27 till May 10, so place your orders quick!

Price: RM50 for a box of 15 pieces

Photo: Brown & Sugar

7. Ramadan and Lebaran – Brown and Sugar

With a variety of cookies and treats available in all sorts of boxes and sizes, you will certainly be able to find a lovely Ramadan gift that suits your budget. From their Truffle Hazelnuts to Ombre Mini Donuts, Brown and Sugar‘s yummy offerings come in elegant and beautiful packaging this year, and you can even get their Lebaran money packets in their Amra and Anggerik gift sets.

Price: Amra (RM115), Anggerik (RM95), Khadeeja (RM98) and Fateema (RM96)

Photo: Keju by Carmen

8. Raya Kampung Gift Set – Keju By Carmen

Talk about making a statement with a gift – this set comes in an actual little Kampung House that opens up and lights up! Surprise your loved ones with this set that has delightful treats in each compartment. Wrapped in reusable batik cloth, there are compartments filled with Turkish delight, cotton candy, basil pesto sauce and other goodies. There’s also a game of Batu Seremban and a Tanamera’s hand sanitiser. And no Keju by Carmen set is complete without their signature cheese platter with brie and an assortment of grapes and berries. Truly a gift that will be remembered.

Price: The Raya Kampung Gift Set is RM450

Photo: The Tapping Tapir

9. Jom Ra-Yay Pack – The Tapping Tapir

While your loved ones are getting gifts of food and sweet treats, you could stand out by sending them something a little different – delicious sparkling sodas. The Tapping Tapir are known for their sodas that are simply made from real fruit juices, spices and herbs. Send this pack that includes sodas like Apple & Vanilla Light, Lemonade & Lengkuas Light and Grapefruit & Chamomile, and you’ll also be gifting them an adorable ‘Saya Ketua Rumah Dusty Green’ apron. What’s not to like?

Price: The Jom Ra-Yay Pack with 12 cans and an apron is RM88

Photo: Ben & Chinta

10. Ketupat Palas – Ben & Chinta

Ben & Chinta have a variety of Ramadan gift boxes (their cookies are much loved), but they are also offering Ketupat Palas this year! Also known as Ketupat Pulut, these packed rice cakes are specially made by Terengganu food specialists CraveGanu. They come with Ben & Chinta’s best-selling homemade signature serunding. A Ramadan gift pack with a delicious difference.

Price: Ketupat Palas with 20 pieces is RM35, Ketupat Palas Single Gift Pack with Signature Serunding is RM50 and the Family Gift Pack is RM80.

Photo: Oh Cha Matcha

11. OCMC Raya Wellness Gift Box – Oh Cha Matcha

If you’re thinking of gifting your loved ones with something less calorific, you could try Oh Cha Matcha‘s limited edition wellness gift box. There are Bunga Kantan, Rose, Matcha bottled drinks, a hand sanitiser and a Matcha Latte Geranium Rose Scented Candle. They throw in some kurma dates and Belgian dark chocolate as well, so it’s not totally devoid of treats, and the whole set comes with a mystery gift and reusable hard chipboard box.

Price: Pre-order at the Early Bird Price of M145

Photo: Cocova

12. Raya Gift Sets – Cocova

If you’re looking for gifts that are not only sweet but kind, consider Cocova’s gift sets this year. They are not only sustainable, with their Salam Gift Box wrapped in batik that can be reused as table runners. The set also includes matching fabric coasters that are hand-sewn by Sham, a single mum with an autistic son. Cocova explains: “Without anyone to help care for her son, she is unable to leave her house to work and has to depend on sewing jobs from home to earn a living. With every purchase of our Salam Gift Box, Sham gets to put food on the table for her family and she thanks you for it.”  Supporting mums, an endeavour after our own hearts indeed.

Price: The Salam Gift Box is RM89

Photo: Goodness Gracious

13. Nostalgia Aidilfitri gift sets – Goodness Gracious

If you’re looking for gift sets in East Malaysia, Goodness Gracious has some sweet offerings in Kuching. Their Surya gift set includes kek lapis, pineapple tarts and matcha shortbread, and comes with a handwoven rattan basket and Hari Raya packets. They are also donating 10% of their proceeds from Nostalgia Aidilfitri to the underprivileged affected by the pandemic.

Price Surya (RM328) and Purnama (RM368)

Photo: Earth Heir

14. Raya Exclusive Festive Gift Baskets – Earth Heir

Expect no less than a fair trade gift set from environmentally-conscious Earth Heir, with meaningfully curated baskets that ensure local rattan and mengkuang artisans get to earn an income. Their Raya 2021 Exclusive Gift Basket contains a locally handwoven rattan basket, two pokok pisang mugs, two handwoven mengkuang coasters and chocolates, butter cookies and tea.

Price: The Raya Exclusive Festive Gift Basket is RM259

Photo: Kami Stationery

15. Into the Gardens Chocolate BonBons – Kami Stationery

They started as a wedding stationery designer four years ago, but now Kami Stationery is also offering lush bonbon gift sets that you can customise with gold calligraphy. The Into the Gardens set is a limited edition box that Kami Stationery has been working on for three months with Chocolate Concierge. It includes wildberry cheesecake, Tokushima yuzu, sweet laksa, Uji matcha and black truffle honey bonbons. These babies take a  full three days to create from scratch. Talk about scrumptious delights!

PriceInto the Gardens gift set is RM79.

Photo: Wishful

16. Raya 2021 Calming Reflections – Wishful

With elegant and beautiful sets, Wishful has a selection of Ramadan and Raya gifts that come with delectable treats like premium dates, cookies and dodol. But there are also extras, such as a handmade ketupat soap, Batu Seremban set and you can also choose a premium sejadah from Turkey as an add-on! The sets come with a handwritten message card and this Impian set, for example, comes with a reusable wooden box that is a stunner on its own.

Price: From Syukur (RM139) and others to Impian (RM259) and Idaman (RM349).

Laych Koh is the editor-in-chief of makchic.