Creep & Cream Makes Tees for the Quirkiest Toddler You Know

Take a mother’s love for the joy derived from kids, and her own fellow partner; put that together and you get Creep and Cream, a clothing line that took 10 years in the making. It’s the brainchild of photographer and blogger Sue Anna Joe, who has now ventured into the business of creating baby and toddler tees.

Released late last year, Creep and Cream’s first collection of basic toddler tees is doing so well that it’s almost sold out! And as a token of appreciation for the customers of her first collection, Sue artfully illustrated her little customers wearing their new tees, adding a fresh new concept to the brand.

Following the success of their first collection, Creep and Cream will be releasing their Faux Pocket Monster Creep & Cream (above) mid-March and this time it will include tees for tots and rompers for babies. In the mean time, hurry up and snag yourself one of the tees from the initial collection.

Priced at RM30 per t-shirt, orders of Creep and Cream’s line of tees can be made online via their official website or through Browse through their collection at Creep & Creams’ official Instagram page and pick out your favourite tee.

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Text by Anna Lee.

Image Credit: Creep & Cream.


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