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Dads can totally help when it comes to breastfeeding, and it seems more definitely want to be supportive in their partner’s feeding journey.

On January 27th, makchic joined hands with Me BooksAsia to organise Breastfeeding: Daddy Duty Parenting Workshop. The workshop was conducted by one of Malaysia’s most esteemed lactation counsellors, Gina Yong.

She is also the founder of the largest and most active Facebook-based breastfeeding support group in Malaysia : The Breastfeeding Advocates Network (TBAN).  It has more than 100,000 members, and receives more than 100 new members daily.

Yong told participants that fathers were now more involved, a stark difference compared to the past. “Twenty years ago in my groups there were hardly any dads there. Nowadays many dads want to be hands on, and they come and ask a lot of questions,” she said.

Helping daddy support mummy and baby

The half-day event was tailored to provide new fathers information about the basics of breastfeeding, including the science of lactation and breastmilk supply itself.  A mother of four, Yong gave an honest insight into what happens in the first few weeks of a baby’s life. Her explanations were accompanied by informative slides, and her manner – warm and relaxed – put many parents at ease.

Armed with years of experience with new parents (and grandparents!), Yong was able to share valuable advice and tips. She even prepared them for the typical comments or expectations faced by new parents. There was also plenty of helpful notes for dads as to how they could be a good support system for their wives.

She also managed to make the session interactive and relevant to daddies, highlighting the importance of their role. Giving baby mummy’s milk  is the perfect start to raising a healthy and happy child, she said.

We were proud to receive curious and eager-to-learn daddy participants who came in with their respective partners. Everyone made full use of the workshop to ask burning questions about parenting and breastfeeding.

The author representing makchic, Gina Yong and Emily Goh from Me Books Asia

For more information about this workshop and future workshops organised by makchic, write to us at today.  If you would like to collaborate with us on one, get in touch too!

Lucky kids in cities like London get to sleep over in amazing  public spaces like museums. Now Malaysian kids can do the same – but with sharks as overnight companions!

In an effort to encourage children’s curiosity about the ocean, Scott’s Malaysia has teamed up with Aquaria KLCC to host a signature sleepover dubbed ‘Sleep with Sharks’ at Aquaria KLCC.

As part of their ‘Scott’s Bright Little Explorers’ programme, this sleepover gives young ones a chance to explore one of the best places in Malaysia to discover the wonders of the ocean.

Big adventure for little explorers

Team makchic was represented by Bella, our little explorer who bravely said yes to a night out  with the sea creatures at Aquaria KLCC. The overnight event saw children 6 to 12 years old participating in various educational activities. This included live feeding sessions with sharks, sea otters and piranhas, meeting the Aquaria divers, as well as learning more about the underwater world.

“The Scott’s Bright Little Explorers programme is an ongoing project which aims to stimulate children’s curiosity and support children’s development through on-ground educational activities.

“It has been reported that humanity has only explored less than 5% of the entire ocean to date and we believe that Aquaria KLCC will spark the curiosity of our children to learn more about the underwater world and its inhabitants,” said Venaig Jegou, Area Marketing Director, Oral Health and Nutrition, South East Asia, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare.

A chance for children to discover the ocean life at a comfortable pace

Scotty, Scott’s mascot and Rocky, Aquaria’s mascot welcomes Scott’s Bright Little Explorers to Aquaria KLCC

The one-and-a-half day event started with kids checking in for a briefing with their parents. Aquaria KLCC Sleep with Sharks team then took over the supervision of the children, keeping close watch on their learning and safety. The staff ably assisted the children during activities, meal and bath time.

The children were able to learn everything in detail and at a relaxed pace. They had Aquaria KLCC all to themselves, after all, especially when the day was over! During bed time, everyone snoozed in their own sleeping bags and mats right in front of the huge tank. Housing the sharks and all the fascinating sea life,  this tank cast dreamy lights all over the bedtime scene.

Bella and Rocky, the Aquaria mascot.

Bella utterly enjoyed the experience and she even made new friends. The next day, the children and families were reunited and then went for a tour of Aquaria. Because they learned so much, they were even able to become tour guides for their own parents. Parents – and the children, of course! – were truly appreciative of this fun and educational programme organised by Scott’s Malaysia and Aquaria.



This programme is only available on weekends and open to children aged 6 to 13 years only. For more info about this programme or its itinerary, click the website here for  details.