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Makchic is an online mother’s portal for urban Malaysian mothers. Makchic recognises the growing number of urban mothers looking for both traditional and non-traditional content about pregnancy, childbirth, and raising your first-child.

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The Team

Myra and Noah Myra Mahyuddin • Contributor
Myra Mahyuddin has written for KLue magazine, and has enjoyed stints at a multinational ad agency and a media monitoring company. She is the founding editor of Makchic.
kat Kathryn Rao • Contributor
Kathryn Rao is a fashion design graduate who was born and raised in The Gulf. She was previously the Editorial Producer at Makchic, Tongue in Chic and Poskod Malaysia.
zan_director Zan Azlee • Contributor
Zan Azlee is a multimedia journalist, writer and filmmaker. He specialises in solo-journalism and often reports from conflict zones around the world. He usually succeeds in staying safe and coming home unharmed to his daughter, Athena Azlee, and wife, Jasmine Abu Bakar, by screaming like a little girl whenever he is faced with danger. Follow his exploits at FATBIDIN.COM.
SharonChai Sharon Chai • Contributor
Sharon Chai is fumbling through life as a new mum to Arianna. Between writing, diaper changes and off-key singing for her daughter’s entertainment, she’s just started working in the world of parenting events in Melbourne, Australia.
Jashpreet Jashpreet Kaur • Contributor
Jashpreet Kaur is a Certified Infant Massage Instructor from the International Association of Infant Massage. She also has a Psychology background, the founder of Baby Massage with Love and an author of an upcoming book. Get in touch with her at Baby Massage with Love.
FayeSong Faye Song • Contributor
Faye Song is a city girl finding her feet in regional Victoria, Australia. A former journalist, she works in marketing and communication. These days, she finds her most demanding and fascinating client to be her little boy.
January Low • Contributor
January Low has wanted babies for as long as she can remember but the day her obstetrician told her that she would be expecting twins, all the confidence that she had of becoming a mother flew out the window. She now takes each day as it comes and has realised that children happen to you and never the other way around no matter how hard you plan.
Jin Ai • Contributor
Jin Ai traded refugee work for diapers, dishes and homeschooling. She blogs about parenting, home education and life as a mum to four kids at Mama Hear Me Roar.
Khairun Khairun Nisa • Contributor
Khairun Nisa Mohamed Zabidi is mum to two kids and owner of Recovr Resources Sdn Bhd, a growing social enterprise in the recycling and equal employment industry. Following a relocation to Jakarta, she currently juggles self-taught lessons in healthy cooking, natural parenting, green living, diplowife duties, and managing her company.
Li-Hsian • Contributor
Li-Hsian recently left a career in corporate communications to become a full-time mum to twins. She is learning new things daily as she tries to balance the romance of motherhood with the messy realities of her latest role.
Michelle Lim-Chua • Contributor
Michelle Lim-Chua is a mum of one and a copywriter with a special interest in sociology. Born in New York City and raised across six different countries, Michelle loves traveling and is naturally curious about people and their cultures. She moved to Malaysia seven years ago, found God and fell in love with a boy from Melaka. Michelle is still learning, along with her husband, how to be a good parent.
Uma • Contributor
Uma is a Malaysian working mum with a French husband and a toddler named Alex living in their fourth country together.
Ayuni Ayuni Ayatillah • Contributor
Ayuni is a mum to an effervescent 4-year-old daughter and a newborn baby. She’s currently juggling motherhood and a full-time job while trying to be the next domestic goddess. She blogs about life, parenting and her homemaking endeavours at Mommy Confessionals.
Azalia Azalia Suhaimi • Contributor
Azalia Suhaimi, who prefers addressing herself as a poet, hopes to tell beautiful stories to her future children one day. She currently juggles a full-time corporate job, occasional photography gigs, crafting stationery, sharing inspirational poetry and photography on her website, and a much-treasured first child.
Kiki Kiki Quah • Contributor
Kiki Quah is a mother of two. ‘Thinking aloud allowed’ is invisibly tattooed on her forehead. Goolypop and Lollypop are her spleen, heart, headache and thus will be mentioned as such sporadically throughout her writing getaways.
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Amy Tan • Contributor
Amy Tan is a movement therapist and educator who is the director of Zentrum, a movement-based healing centre in Kuala Lumpur. She lives a free-range life on a farm and that’s where she’s raising her daughter. She writes about learning how to live in harmony with your body and nature on her website, Moving In The Wild.
WYenn Wei Yenn • Contributor
Wei Yenn was a PR Consultant before trading it for a career in education. A mother to a music-loving toddler, her most influential teacher is her son. 
ML Marie Lim • Contributor
Marie Lim was living a nomadic life and planned on travelling (or more like eating) the world. That is, before her twin girls happened. For now she calls Malaysia home with her Korean hubs while struggling to strike a balance between the challenging roles motherhood brings. To de-stress she finds writing and tubs of ice cream particularly helpful.
Yin Peng Yin Peng • Contributor
Yin Peng is struggling to accept that she can’t be it all – a super mother, super wife and super woman. She tries to take things a day at a time and does so in a pair of comfy flats.
Janet Tay Janet Tay • Contributor
Janet Tay was a freelance writer and editor before becoming a stay-at-home mum. She has published short stories, book reviews and articles on books and the literary world in MPH Quill and The Star. She current juggles her time between writing and running after her toddler around the house.
LaiSan Lai San • Contributor
Lai San is an ex-marketer living in Jakarta but her heart has never left KL. Mother to 3 years old Doughnut, she is close to total cure of her OCD with a toddler to clean up after at home. When not stuck in a jam, she writes freelance as a cover up for her total inability to cook, bake or sew.

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