12 Essentials Every Toddler Mom Must Have in Her Diaper Bag


1. Wet wipes

You never know where you’ll wind up changing your tot. And spills happen, but tissues aren’t always handy. Look for wet wipes that come in a resealable pack, or store them in a Ziplock bag to keep them moist.

2. Diapers

Unless your toddler is potty-trained, diapers are essential so pack a diaper for every few hours you plan to be out – and always one or two extra. If there’s space, pack one swim diaper, too, in case an opportunity arises for a quick dip in a friend’s pool.

3. Liquid soap

For when things get really messy and you need to wash your toddler. Travel-size bottles take up less space.

4. Hand sanitiser

Surfaces – and your toddler’s diaper – can be full of bacteria. Stick to alcohol-free ones; it’s safer for toddlers who like to jam their fingers in their mouths.

5. Changing pad

Public baby rooms have changing tables, but you may not want to change your tot without something covering it. Pack a foldable changing pad for peace of mind.

6. Plastic bags

For storing soiled diapers and clothes. Just make sure your child can’t get to them, since plastic bags pose a suffocation risk.

7. One spare outfit

You never know when spills, vomit or poop explosions will necessitate a change of clothing.

8. Antibiotic cream and bandages

Toddlers are known for their frequent slips, falls, bumps and bruises. Sure, you don’t need them on an everyday basis, but it’s doesn’t take much space in your diaper bag.

9. Snacks

Snacks are great way to stave off a hungry toddler if you’re running late to a meal or hit traffic on the road. In some cases, snacks can be used as a bargaining chip during a meltdown.

10. Water bottle

Go with the spill-proof kind that won’t leak when turned upside down. Trust us.

11. Sunblock

While it’s best to minimise the amount of sun your toddler gets on his exposed skin, you’ll want to keep a bottle of broad-spectrum sunscreen in your diaper bag in case you make a stop at the park or playground.

12. Diaper cream

Yes, you still need this to prevent diaper rash from developing – or to soothe your toddler’s bottom in case one develops. You can save space by purchasing a travel size tube.

What else is in your diaper bag? Share your tips with us!

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